“Cancer is a companion”

It is now a matter of little, the handful of hours that accompany the waiting for the blue debut of the national team that the Italians have learned, once again, to follow and love, also thanks to the group, the compactness and ideas of the coach. Roberto Mancini.

Inside the documentary “Blue Dream”, Gianluca Vialli, manager accompanying the selection, expressed the emotions that go through him in this experience alongside the historic goal partner of the Sampdoria and his former comrades.

Vialli, Mancini and the national team

Vialli he analyzed with extreme clarity the role of the coach who relaunched the national team, after a phase of profound discouragement and undeniable decadence:

“Mancini is a serious, calm leader who no longer has to prove anything to anyone. There is great balance, great discipline and freedom. There are rules but he trusts the players. With Mancini we met in National when we were kids. He was a strong, technical, very fast player. I remember that the first time together we ate and talked about Sampdoria. TO Genoa we had the same idea of ​​life, we shared everything. Roberto was a class player, who was entertaining, he was nice to see. We were interchangeable. His foot was in my goals and mine was in his ”, the memories of those enchanting, magical seasons that gave football and the provinces exemplary moments of football and sporting joy.

Gianluca Vialli and cancer: “A travel companion”

The arrival of Vialli in the blue team he was promoted by Mancini, after a phase that deeply touched man and public opinion when the fight against the tumor al pancreas that struck him became public knowledge. A daily life partner who also describes in her book:

“The battle against cancer? There are many people who look at me for what has happened to me and think they can feel good too. I have been a player and a strong and vulnerable man. Someone can be recognized with the desire to do something important. Cancer is stronger than me and if you fight it you lose. He is a travel companion, with his head down, without giving up, hoping that one day he will get tired and let me live the years ahead of me peacefully ”.

Merciless words, those of the former striker of Sampdoria and Juve, which do not hide the bitterness and even the fear of living with such a presence yet manage, with the authenticity of an intact will to live, to instill the desire to fully enjoy every moment.

VIRGILIO SPORT | 08-06-2021 10:31

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