«Covid stress test for everyone. But now we are on the right track »- Corriere.it

«Covid stress test for everyone. But now we are on the right track »- Corriere.it
«Covid stress test for everyone. But now we are on the right track »- Corriere.it

We will never be grateful enough for the speed and commitment with which science and research have delivered the tools to get out of the pandemic. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, in Milan for the inauguration of the academic year of the State University, celebrates the value of science and research, warning that although the country is on the right track thanks to the vaccination campaign, good to keep the attention high because the goal of defeating the pandemic has not yet been reached, and even once the emergency has been overcome it will be good to keep this tragedy always present, not to remove its memory and teachings.

Welcomed by the rector Elio Franzini, by the minister of the University and research Cristina Messa, by the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana and by the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala. the Head of State recalled that this dramatic phase has given us the perception that everyone needs the others and vice versa, both at the level of relations between people and in relations between States: a teaching that will be good to cultivate, preserve and put to use. Covid It wasn’t an extraordinary stress test just for the university, the state for everyone, continued Mattarella, defining today’s ceremony as a sign of hope, of resuming activity in the presence after a tiring but precious phase of remote teaching, of maintaining the life and functioning of the university.

At the opening of the ceremony for the 96th inauguration of the university’s academic year, Minister Cristina Messa insisted on the value of science and research, which dismantles fears, prejudices, ignorance and improves the quality of life. We must stem scientific carelessness, transmitting to young people the passion for good scientific research, inviting them to study and deepen their knowledge in every field. To do this, it is necessary to offer evidence of science, transfer knowledge and methodologies, critical sense and scientific doubt. Why from good research – he said – which depends on the individual and collective future. And young people must become protagonists. And in Milan, a multicultural and innovative city that is aware of the importance of investing in science and research even in times of crisis, the minister recalled how the Draghi government is preparing proposals for reform, simplification and verification to spend resources well in I arrive from Europe for make Italian research competitive. Funds which, he stressed, are not non-repayable but a credit that should not be wasted. The health and economic crisis, then, highlighted the need for a profound change in our way of living and looking to the future, also maturing a different awareness of the responsibility and consequences of our actions in the medium and long term.

Per the rector Elio Franzini this year it is difficult not to see people who are no longer here with us, taken away by Covid. But today we want to testify that we are moving forward, that we have never stood still. We are the fourth university in the world for studies on Covid, claimed the rector who, looking at the Italian university system, could not fail to indicate the need for courageous decisions to undo the knots on the forms of governance of the system, starting from resources, which must not be distributed in a flash, but enhance the specificity and potential of each university. The fundamental theme, which he defined the problem among the problems that can change the skin of the university, per the right to study, to be understood not only as an aid for those with economic difficulties, but as a system of services, primarily residential, capable of attracting students, making the university their home.

A reading also confirmed by Guglielmo Mina, president of the Student Conference: It is no longer possible to postpone the moment in which to refinance the entire university system, starting with the sector of the right to study, because if knowledge progresses, progress only if of all.

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Covid stress test track Corriereit

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