At the start a daily bus service connecting Palermo with Rome

At the start a daily bus service connecting Palermo with Rome
At the start a daily bus service connecting Palermo with Rome

Sponsored editorial by Sais Autolinee
08 June 2021 10:56

Does it still make sense to travel by plane or train when it is possible to travel the same route by bus? Absolutely not. And the reasons are not a few! First of all, unlike what happens when you have to take an airplane, if you opt for the bus it is not necessary to go to the station hours before departure because the ticket checks and baggage handling process is much shorter.

Furthermore, other elements that should not be underestimated are the right to the free transport of one hand luggage and one hold luggage, the possibility of bringing small pets on the bus and the comfort of the journey, thanks to generally larger spaces. and the comfort of armchairs equipped with chaise-longues.

Finally, traveling by bus is much cheaper both than by plane and by rail, not only for the reasons listed above but also for the more flexible date change and refund policies.

The Palermo-Rome and Catania-Rome sections will start on 13 June

Starting from 13 June, Sais Autolinee – one of the most important road transport companies on the national scene – will inaugurate two new daily routes that will connect Sicily with Rome and vice versa. One will leave every day at 18.00 from Palermo station in Via Fazello and after some strategic stops in the Tyrrhenian basin – Termini Imerese, Sant’Agata di Militello, Brolo, Tindari, Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto and Milazzo – will arrive at the Tiburtina bus station around at 6.15. The reverse route – from Rome to Palermo – will start at 21.00 with an estimated arrival in the Sicilian capital at 9.30

The other section instead will start at 20.00 from Catania station in Via Archimede and after the stages of Messina and Villa San Giovanni it will end its run again in Rome Tiburtina at around 6.15. As for the opposite route, the departure from Rome will be at 21.00. Reservations are already open and from the appropriate section of the SAIS Autolinee website it is possible to purchase tickets for the first trips that will be activated starting from 13 June.

The mission of Sais Autolinee

With the opening of these two new routes, Sais Autolinee continues its work of connecting Sicily and the boot through an efficient and modern fleet and the strengthening of the routes that connect the island with the rest of Italy. Thanks to a company philosophy that places the customer and his satisfaction at the center, Sais Autolinee confirms itself as one of the leaders in its sector thanks to a continuous commitment to putting into practice measures and innovations capable of returning an offer of efficient transport services, effective and cutting edge.


start daily bus service connecting Palermo Rome

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