“Doesn’t respect Ramadan”. Who is Saman’s ogre uncle?

“Doesn’t respect Ramadan”. Who is Saman’s ogre uncle?
“Doesn’t respect Ramadan”. Who is Saman’s ogre uncle?

33-year-old Pakistani Danish Hasnain, suspected of murdering his 18-year-old niece, is wanted across Europe Saman Abbas. The man, according to the investigators, would have punished the young woman who, according to the family, had strayed from the dictates of Islam. Probable, as reported by the Corriere della Sera, who is in France, but now the alleged murderer is hunted down by the police and will soon be caught. On foot and without a mobile phone it is difficult for him to ask for help, plus one of the escaped cousins, considered accomplices, has already been arrested and extradited. Who is Danish Hasnain? What is his profile? In Novellara, in the lower Reggiano area, he was considered by all to be an excellent worker; he had no police record, yet the image of recent days is that of a violent and unscrupulous man.

To open a rift in Saman’s family was the girl’s 16-year-old brother, who told the police about the constant quarrels between his sister and family members. The latter accused the young woman of being too far from their traditions, of not observing the Ramadan and of having become westernized, a guilt to be paid in blood. Then there was the most serious incident: Saman’s rejection a to marry his cousin in Pakistan, an unforgivable affront to Goli Abbas and his uncle Danish. The 18-year-old dreamed of living her life with her fiancé she met in Italy, of studying, graduating and traveling like a normal girl. This, however, did not suit her family, especially her uncle, who would have thought of punishing her in an exemplary manner.

The intention to kill Saman had gone as far as Pakistan, as confirmed by a phone call to a woman in which Danish Hasnain talks about a “Job well done”. From the trial papers also emerge the last days spent at home by the 18-year-old, as a recluse, although she had the courage to report her father to the police because he did not want to give her an identity card. The parent sometimes forced her to sleep on the street; this was the punishment for his rebellion. But obviously this was no longer enough and that is why the tragic epilogue of history was then reached.


Doesnt respect Ramadan Samans ogre uncle

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