“The past is back …”. The truth about Seid’s suicide

“The past is back …”. The truth about Seid’s suicide
“The past is back …”. The truth about Seid’s suicide

Racism has nothing to do with our son’s death“The parents of Seid Visin, the 20-year-old footballer of Ethiopian descent who took his own life on June 4, 2021. “Our son had canceled Ethiopia, he was happy here. It all started with the lockdown“, explain Maddalena and Walter Visin during an interview with the Campania broadcaster Telenuova.

“That letter was 30 months ago”

I want to point out that Seid didn’t make that gesture due to racial problems“. Walter Visin reiterates it once again, dad adopted by Seid, the former footballer of Ethiopian origins with a past in the Milan youth academy. Interviewed by Telenuova, in Signor Visin he explains that the letter signed by Seid against racism, and read during the funeral “it was written many years ago. My son – says the man –he fought against racial discrimination of all kinds. He did nothing for himself, he did for others “. Walter Visin announced his will to follow up on the ideas contained in that letter through a project aimed at young people “to help them be strong. We adults, politics, we are not good, we are selfish. Young people therefore have to be strong to fight like Seid did“.

“The discomfort was born with the lockdown”

During the interview, the mother by Seid emphasizes “on the isolation children experienced during the pandemic“explaining that his son would have experienced the lockdown spent in Milan with difficulty, where he was studying law at the State University.”He was locked in a room in the dormitory 24 hours a day. – he says – What we have to do is not to leave the kids alone, they have to be together, socialize “.

Maddalena tells how, during the first years spent in Italy, Seid “he didn’t even want to hear about Ethiopia, he didn’t want to know anything. He has always said around that he was born in this family. He was happy as long as he was a child. When it started to grow – adds –the whole past came back on him, he began to be more reflective, he began to experience discomfort. He activated, he was a champion of justice, in fact he enrolled in jurisprudence even though I tried to direct him elsewhere. He believed in justice“.


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