“Farout” Festival, program | June 10-July 24

“Farout” Festival, program | June 10-July 24
“Farout” Festival, program | June 10-July 24

From 10 June to 24 July Base presents the first edition of Farout, festival dedicated to contemporary creation: 45 days of performing art and installations, 38 national and international artists and collectives, countless points of view to observe the Earth from afar, to shift the perspective and imagine a future of coexistence and co-creation.

The inauguration

To inaugurate the first edition, Thursday 10 June, the British artist Luke Jerram, known all over the world for his unique and evocative installations and Threes, a curatorial team that focuses its practice on projects that intersect sound, art and landscape ( among their best-known projects: Terraforma, the historic international electronic music festival dedicated to artistic experimentation and environmental sustainability).

On the occasion of Farout, Jerram brings for the first time to Milan, inside the post-industrial atmospheres of BASE, Gaia, his installation of the Earth, with a diameter of 6 meters, suspended and illuminated from the inside, which – surrounded by a real forest, whose trees were supplied by Vivaio MATI 1909 and will subsequently be donated to the Forestami project – creates a new place of co-habitation and stimulates the viewer to seek new relationships and perspectives with our planet.

Among the artists involved in the first edition of the festival: Anna Rispoli / Martina Angelotti, Corps Citoyen, DOM_ / Leonardo Delogu, Effetto Larsen, Elisabetta Consonni, Francesca Grilli, Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin, Leonardo Schifino / Extragarbo, Lotte van den Berg / Daan ‘t Sas, Luke Jerram, NONE Collective, Ruggero Franceschini / Zelda Soussan, Seth Honnor / Kaleider, Threes / Jacopo Jenna.

The origin of the name

Very distant, unconventional, not usual: the festival conceived by BASE takes its name from Farout, the most distant planet in the solar system discovered to date, because deciding to do a festival in 2021 means leaving for a journey to another planet , an unknown place, where all the rules jump, where we overlook the edge of the things we have always done to learn how to do new ones. The challenge for cultural spaces like BASE is not limited to getting out of the pandemic unscathed, but includes understanding the present and transforming traditional formats into experiments for the future.

With Farout, BASE invites us to reflect on new models of co-habitation, co-creation and co-existence between artists, nature, cities and communities. Guideline in the curatorship of the festival is the interdisciplinary nature of artistic genres, projects and experiments aimed at overcoming traditional categories, integrating more and more scene, body, text and music, ranging up to languages ​​connected to new technologies. Farout seeks and puts into circulation new aesthetics, new forms of thought of the contemporary world.


To find out the detailed program, visit the dedicated website.

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