Rome, 19 years old kidnapped for two years and raped

Rome, 19 years old kidnapped for two years and raped
Rome, 19 years old kidnapped for two years and raped

She had arrived in Italy two years ago, when she was still a minor, with her boyfriend. Since 2019, however – also thanks to the Covid restrictions and the lockdown – she has experienced a nightmare: the girl, in fact, was kidnapped in an apartment, beaten and raped. Sexual abuse that her partner carried on for two years with a friend of his.

It is a shocking story that comes from the outskirts of northern Rome, in Cesano. The victim, a 19-year-old German girl, had arrived in the capital to change her life with her boyfriend, a 29-year-old Pakistani. The two rented an apartment and lived with them a friend of the companion, a compatriot of 36 years, with a criminal record. During this period the girl was forced to live in seclusion with the two men, forced over time to suffer violence and sexual abuse.

Last May 27, finally taking advantage of a moment of distraction by her “torturers’, she managed to run away from home and ask a passer-by for help. From here the alarm went off with the man who accompanied the young woman to the Cesano Carabinieri Station Command in Rome. The situation, which appeared evident due to its gravity, led the military to arrest the two men, who were taken to the Rieti prison. The Judge of the Preliminary Investigations of Rome at the request of the competent Public Prosecutor validated the arrest and issued a precautionary measure against the two foreigners.


Rome years kidnapped years raped

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