The sentence of the Murgia: you are all racists

The sentence of the Murgia: you are all racists
The sentence of the Murgia: you are all racists

Notice to readers: it doesn’t matter who you are, what history you have or what life you lead. You are racists. And if not really the ugly, bad and Northern League-style thugs of the “Bangla Tour”, you still live in an environment where “racism is systemic and institutional”. A sort of America in the years of slavery, but with an Italian flavor. It supports it Michela Murgia, the oracle of feminism, according to which to say that “not all whites are racists” is a statement that “denies reality”. So it makes us all more or less xenophobic.

Murgia takes its cue from three recent episodes, handling them with the hatchet of those who have to shape them to confirm their thesis. The first concerns an INPS doctor who was attacked in Chioggia. Bad story. He claims he was attacked for the skin colour (“Negro di m …”), and we have no reason to doubt it, but certainly the fact of having pinched a “sick” worker for a walk during the tax visit will have also influenced. The chronicles are full of beatings against INPS doctors, although they make less news. Last March, for example, a doctor from Terni was attacked by a 62-year-old woman, who was also caught out of the house despite finding herself sickly in bed. The doctor was white, but he was beaten up anyway.

Even more instrumental appear the other episodes cited by the fear-by-uniforms. Take the case of Moussa Bucket: the young Ghanaian had been beaten in the street and, after the facts, locked up in a CPR because he was irregular. The authorities had ordered his expulsion, as required by law, and he killed himself. Murgia considers it a racist episode, but forgets to explain that the commissioner has already “completely ruled out” the racial motive. At the bottom of free beatings in the street there are plenty of them, against blacks, whites, yellows, riders, priests, nuns, tramps. Just think: in Milan a 19-year-old guy (by chance of Moroccan origin) was going around the city hitting left and right without a valid reason. Just for the fun of it.

What then this is nothing compared to the crap to see jackals pile up next to the poor man’s corpse Seid Visin. If in the first uncertain days one could partially understand the political controversy, now that the truth is known it is unbearable to continue hitting the nail of racism. Seid’s father claims that his son did not die “because he felt discriminated against”, but because of other demons and ghosts. And what about the newspapers? They ignore it. More: he distrusts “anyone from supporting this nonsense” and they don’t care. They pull straight only to attack Salvini or Meloni. Because the letter may be years old, but for Murgia it “says things that are still true”, so it is a good game for those who have to support the ius soli by Letta.

What the hell does all this have to do with the death of a boy is not known. But basically it is a life that Murgia & Co shatter our existence with the same rhetoric and invent a country where minorities live in a permanent “condition of insecurity”. Each episode is good for drawing theItaly on the verge of fascist, homophobic and xenophobic fury (even if they often turn out to be quite the opposite: remember the case of the athlete caught egg in the face?). Ultimately, we act in a context where ideas that are not aligned with progressive beliefs are branded as discriminatory. It is racist to ask for illegal landings to be prevented. It is to repatriate illegal immigrants. And even signing agreements with Libya is. You don’t want it only right? You are racist. Would you prefer to grant citizenship only after a course of studies? You’re a racist, says Murgia, because you are cultural rights “Subordinates the right to be recognized to the duty to be assimilated”. Asking immigrants to integrate: what a horror, huh. This is indeed “systemic and institutional” hatred that “we all have to deal with”. But please us. And stop speculating on a suicidal young man.

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