Curfew at 24, “only in Rome 3.5 million more cash”

Curfew at 24, “only in Rome 3.5 million more cash”
Curfew at 24, “only in Rome 3.5 million more cash”

Tommaso Caldarelli
07 June 2021 15:25

An additional hour of curfew has been released: it will be possible to stay around until midnight. This will have a positive impact on the accounts of the merchants: according to Claudio Pica of Fiepet Confesercenti these 60 more minutes of usability will result in an increase from 3.5 million turnover per day for restaurateurs. “In the restaurants it will be possible to foresee two shifts”, explains Pica taken from the Ansa agency, “then there will be after dinner, cocktails and in general more people around”.

In an intervention on Radio 24, Pica elaborates: “There will also be more income for taxi drivers. The increases will be 10%, but with the arrival of all of Italy in the white zone we expect a + 15% ”. Questioned by Alessandro Arena of the Confindustria publisher’s broadcaster, Pica then comments on the controversy regarding a difficulty on the part of exhibitors in finding seasonal personnel, confirming the opinion that has emerged so far from the categories of trade.

“Our difficulty is real”, explained Pica: “We asked the institutions to have access to vocational training schools. Many young people have chosen to go abroad while several possible workers prefer to stay at home due to citizenship income or other tools ”.


Curfew Rome million cash

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