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Rome, vaccines also in the metro. The Region follows the New York model

Rome, vaccines also in the metro. The Region follows the New York model
Rome, vaccines also in the metro. The Region follows the New York model

There are those, in Region, he calls it “the start of phase two” or “phase three” of vaccines. The one in which the emergency due to the pandemic will be overcome and the “ordinary” management of the Covid (which, according to experts, will not completely disappear) treated as a flu – more virulent, of course – of the season. And therefore with an even more widespread and widespread vaccination campaign, increasingly less linked to large hubs and increasingly to small vaccination centers, branched and scattered throughout the city.

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“Big Apple” model

With this in mind, the latest project on which the commissioner is working Alessio D’Amato, borrowed the one set up in America: “Roma – says with a joke the regional head of Health – it will be like New York“. That is to say? “With the vaccines that can be done on the subway.” Which does not mean, of course, aboard a moving train, perhaps full of people. But it means that various vaccination centers will be created along the lines of the A and B lines of the subway, to facilitate the next steps of the campaign as much as possible.
The plan, in via Cristoforo Colombo, is already ready. And it will start, at the latest, by the summer but perhaps already with some forms of experimentation already in July. In a first step, the stations of the main interchange nodes will be involved: Ponte Mammolo and Laurentina on the route of line B, Subaugusta, Anagnina and Battistini on that of line A. And then, maybe when the hub closes when the active moment is active inside, also Termini, intersection between metro, trains, buses.
By far, among the stations with the most daily turnout, those in which – in large part at least – also the commuters who come to work in the capital starting from the hinterland: the train from the place where they live, the metro to go to the work. And maybe, in a break, we also get vaccinated. The model studied, as mentioned, is the American one of the New York “Big Apple” where already a month ago (it was mid-May) in eight Subway stations it was possible to get vaccinated “on the fly” using the Johnson & Johnson single-dose. The American one, however, was an experimental project, lasting three days. The Roman one, obviously after the first attempts to understand the citizens’ response, could even become a permanent model, which would go alongside the bookings from general practitioners and / or pediatricians (the latter for children aged 12 to 16) .

The hypotheses in the field

At the study, but with a sort of joint venture with Atac, there is also the idea of ​​fully importing the American experience, encouraging passengers to get vaccinated in the metro by offering two free tickets or a booklet of tickets for the Capitoline public transport: in the United States (where a weekly pass was given as a gift) the idea was liked and the capital is evaluating whether and how to propose it again. Because, in the end, this is also the philosophy of the “Lazio model” that has certainly worked compared to the rest of Italy: to borrow the “best practices” of other countries (see the age group system, at least for the whole first stage, imported from Israel) and apply them. Because, in the end, the battle against Covid is not won alone.

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