Can I choose between the single allowance and the family unit allowance (ANF)?

Can I choose between the single allowance and the family unit allowance (ANF)?
Can I choose between the single allowance and the family unit allowance (ANF)?

From July 2021 there will be dual support for families: on the one hand theallowance to the family unit, on the other the new single allowance for families. To these are added the other benefits to support the income of families, such as the baby bonus or the birth award from € 800.00.

From January 2022, however, there should be only one instrument: the single, universal allowance for children.

This is the plan approved by the Draghi government, with which one was recognized transitional phase from July to December in which a bridging allowance is recognized which is accompanied by the family unit allowance From next year, however, these two measures will be absorbed, together with the other family bonuses (including deductions for dependent children), in the single allowance.

However, while the single child allowance and the family unit allowance are compatible with other bonuses, these they are not among themselves.

Either one or the other: and there is not even the possibility to choose.

Single check and family unit checks: either one or the other

The family unit allowance (known to most as family allowance) is that economic support for the families of the employees, as well as workers who benefit from employee social security benefits (such as the NASpI unemployment allowance, as well as maternity allowance, redundancy fund and sickness allowance).

There is therefore a large audience of people who they cannot benefit of the allowance to the family unit: let’s think about self-employed, as well as who it is unemployed and does not receive NASpI. And the ANF are not even up to incapable subjects.

For these, however, from July 2021 a “bridge” aid is recognized – waiting for the single allowance for children to become fully operational – of the maximum value of € 167.00 per child (for those with an ISEE of less than € 7,000.00), with surcharges for large families.

Despite theincrease in the amount for family unit allowances, therefore, there may be the possibility that the amount of the single allowance is higher. In this regard, the question that many are asking themselves in these hours is: you can choose between one of the two sizes?

Single check or check to the family unit: can you choose?

Well no: it is not possible to choose between the single “bridge” check and the ANF. In the decree approved on Friday 4 June 2021, in fact, it is clearly stated that the single check is due only to that audience of beneficiaries who cannot apply for ANF (and not to those who simply do not perceive it).

It is not enough, therefore, not to be the recipient of checks to the family unit: it is also necessary prove that in any case he could not have the right.

Who could apply for ANF, as they meet the requirements, therefore cannot apply for the single allowance, even if they do not receive them.

The single check, for the moment – and for the whole of this year – is reserved only for “Excluded” from family allowances. From January 2022, however, there should be no such problems: the single family allowance, in fact, will be the only measure that can be requested.

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