Sconcerts to CM: ‘Mancini’s Italy is reminiscent of the 90’s. Berardi is more of a Chiesa player. The stew … ‘| First page

Sconcerts to CM: ‘Mancini’s Italy is reminiscent of the 90’s. Berardi is more of a Chiesa player. The stew … ‘| First page
Sconcerts to CM: ‘Mancini’s Italy is reminiscent of the 90’s. Berardi is more of a Chiesa player. The stew … ‘| First page

Bewildered, how does Italy get to the European Championship?
«With an advantage and a limit. He does not have extraordinary players, but he has many good players who arrive at this European at the decisive moment of their career, I am thinking of Insigne and Berardi. And I’m sorry for Verratti’s injury, because he makes a difference. We can do well ».

Playing with memories: what Italy does this Mancini remind you of?
“The Italy of the 1990 World Cup”

To the eye I remember it much more strongly. To say: Mancini was on the bench and didn’t play for a minute. And we don’t have a Baggio.
«Yes, I agree, that was stronger, but that Italy of Vicini like this is based on quality. And on a virtuous path, yesterday as today ».

Who is the star of Italy?
«It’s Mancini. He’s the one who invented this group. Last Friday against the Czech Republic there were 17 players on the pitch belonging to 10 teams, while the national team has always been based on blocks: this is already a big difference ».

Who is the favorite?
«France the strongest. But watch out for England. Which has two advantages. The first is that each time she arrived at the end of the season worn out by longer calendars than those of the others. Today this no longer happens, because this year no one has had time to rest. And then England plays the first three games at Wembley, then the finals are there. It’s their home. And they have a great team ».

Does Italy pass the group?
“Sure, we pass it. Perhaps winning 1-0 or 2-1, struggling, but we pass it ».

Who can be the blue who can make the team leap in quality?
“It seems to me that this is Berardi’s moment, who represents the silent part of Italy, the minority one. We should not be surprised that Chiesa is out, even if he plays for Juve; Berardi is more of a player. It can make a difference ».

The surprise of the European?
«Belgium, even if it is difficult to say surprise. In Europe, surprises no longer exist. But Belgium seems ready to me ».

Football stew: do you like it, don’t you like it?
“Look, I can’t understand the controversy surrounding this slightest change. Previously there were 8 slots, now 10. What has changed? It’s like there are 10 movies, you don’t put them all at the same time. I don’t understand all this discussing around a non-problem. The spectator is freer to choose, then we will see what and how much he will watch, but this is another question ».

Who is doing the best in the Serie A market?

“No. And I’ll tell you: Everyone wants something to happen, but nothing happens. Follow me: there is a player who would change and improve all the top six teams in Serie A. And that’s Rodrigo De Paul. But it is there. And there are no concrete negotiations. De Paul for Udinese costs 40 million. And nobody takes it. Everyone talks about other solutions. There is no money. And therefore there is no market ».

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