Genoa, at 18 hospitalized for thrombosis after AstraZeneca: she is in serious condition

Genoa, at 18 hospitalized for thrombosis after AstraZeneca: she is in serious condition
Genoa, at 18 hospitalized for thrombosis after AstraZeneca: she is in serious condition

Genoa, 7 June 2021 – There is still serious condition there 18 year old girl admitted to the Policlinico San Martino in Genoa with a diagnosis of thrombosis of the cavernous sinus, which last May 25 had participated in the open day for the anti Covid vaccination with AstraZeneca.

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Yesterday (Sunday 6 June) the girl had been subjected to a neuroradiology intervention interventional to mechanically remove the thrombus and subsequently the neurosurgical team had intervened for an intervention aimed at relieving intracranial pressure resulting from bleeding. The hospital had also communicated that it had activated the procedure reporting to AIFA for the purposes of pharmacovigilance, in which the drugs taken after vaccination were also indicated.

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Today the condition of the young woman is judged by the doctors establish for in their gravity.

The young woman was voluntarily vaccinated on May 25, 2021 in the local health authority with AstraZeneca vaccine after a negative vaccination history. The 3 June she went to the emergency room accusing headache and photophobia. She was subjected to tests: cerebral tac and neurological examination both negative. She had been discharged with the recommendation of repeat blood tests after 15 days. The June 5th she had returned to the emergency room with one-half motor deficits. Subjected to brain CT scan with hemorrhagic outcome, she was immediately transferred to the San Martino Neurosurgery, where she underwent two surgeries.

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Governor Toti

The governor of Liguria spoke on the matter this morning, Giovanni Toti: “They are trying to figure out what may have happened and what direct connections there are with the vaccine. Apparently the girl has also took other medications which may have unfortunately interacted in a very negative way with this type of vaccine, but any consideration seems to me really premature. “Aifa – added Toti – is working with us. We all pray that the girl will make it and we hope to understand what happened”.

The governor then underlined: “AstraZeneca we are using it as we have been told to use it by Aifa, ministry and commissioner structure, or on a voluntary basis only – replied the Ligurian governor -. Those who do not accept it use Pfizer and Moderna. Unfortunately, the negative and dramatic cases are in the order of the negative symptoms that almost all drugs give “. During the evening press point on the emergency, Toti communicates that” about 600 people canceled the booking for the AstraZeneca vaccine after the well-known and dramatic events involving an 18-year-old fellow citizen of ours. “And he explains:” In the absence of certainties, the vaccine policy does not change in Liguria and not even in Italy. On a voluntary basis, the AstraZeneca vaccine can continue to be accessed even under the age of 60.

Investigations by the Prosecutor’s Office

Meanwhile, the prosecutor of Genoa has opened a file with no offense to clarify what happened to the girl. The public prosecutor Stefano Puppo and the deputy Francesco Pinto, who coordinates the health and work pool, will contact the health management to have all the documentation relating to the vaccination process delivered. Under the lens of the prosecutor’s office, the methods of vaccination but above all the medical history and the consent form completed before inoculation, and any medications he took.


The case of the 18-year-old hospitalized in Genoa “must not trigger psychosis”, she tells Adnkronos Salute, Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino hospital in Genoa. “It is right to report the case quickly to the competent pharmacovigilance bodies but thrombosis can also be caused by the simultaneous administration of other drugs – adds the virologist – now I do not know the girl’s case thoroughly even if it is managed here in the hospital where work, but there may be other drugs involved. ” Bassetti further explains: “When you are vaccinated against Covid, the doctor must be informed if you are taking specific therapies”.

The infectious doctor remembers how “la birth control pills had 200 thrombotic events in every million vaccinated women and I do not think that any woman has thought of giving it up. “She continues:” Treatment with heparime has recorded 5 thousand thrombotic events out of 1 million doses of heparin administered. The viral vector anti-Covid vaccine such as AstraZeneca or J&J has registered 6 cases per million vaccinated “.

Then he concludes: “Now it will be understood what triggered the thrombosis of the cavernous sinuses, they are always very serious, but a careful investigation is also needed to establish the presence of malformations, if the anti-Covid vaccine has amplified a response that however would have occurred. itself and the vaccine has nothing to do with it. Pharmacovigilance will tell us if this is an event related to the AstraZeneca vaccine. “

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