Andrea Ruggieri of Forza Italia against the entry of the former M5s De Vito: “Authentic disgust, I dissociate myself from the choice. One of the worst grillini”

Andrea Ruggieri it doesn’t fit. In a video posted on Instagram, the deputy from Come on Italy commented on the membership of the former M5s Marcello De Vito to the blue party: “I try genuine disgust for choice, of whom I knew nothing until tonight, and from which I dissociate myself, to embark in Forza Italia a grillino of the worst, a bad character not because he is being investigated but because he is a candidate against Forza Italia to the sound of videos in which he gave us thieves and mafia ” . Ruggieri shows some videos of De Vito, made for the 2016 candidacy. Then he continues: “You really can’t import new and smart people, and you prefer to recycle an insulting grillino then even arrested for corruption, and who today even allows himself to indicate the route to Forza Italia? If the management of Forza Italia is so desperate and now only able to dispel consensus with crazy choices, rather than looking for new ones by recruiting new and smart people, consider whether to pass the baton“.

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Andrea Ruggieri Forza Italia entry M5s Vito Authentic disgust dissociate choice worst grillini

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