“Fdi will also arrive”. Salvini’s breakthrough from ruspista in sweatshirt to federator

“Fdi will also arrive”. Salvini’s breakthrough from ruspista in sweatshirt to federator
“Fdi will also arrive”. Salvini’s breakthrough from ruspista in sweatshirt to federator

No more bulldozer, the sweatshirt in the closet: here is the former “grim” Matteo Salvini, who after having given roses to Lilli Gruber, appears on TV at Lucia Annunziata in the new fresh role of the center-right federator. Not everything, however, only that of government. And it is not, he says, a hostile takeover bid on Forza Italia. “It is not a merger and not even an annexation. I speak of a closer collaboration on concrete issues starting tomorrow ». Moderate, low tones, no desire, he assures, to make the majority dance. Indeed, “we would also be useful to Draghi”, who in fact will meet this afternoon. And it is not true, he swears, that it is only a move to slow down the rampant Meloni who is following him in the polls. «Giorgia is a friend. The goal is to win together the elections which I believe will be held in 2023 ».

So Salvini makes it easy: enough with the Captain, now it’s time to unleash an institutional profile, perhaps more centrist. We will see if the change will really succeed and if it will affect the stability of the political framework. If he can get himself accepted among the moderates in Europe. If any common groups with FI will make it possible to approve more quickly the laws needed for the PNRR and to obtain the 240 EU, or if they will raise the level of confrontation with the Democratic Party and the Five Stars, complicating an already difficult cohabitation. The Northern League secretary declares that he has “constructive and unity” intentions and that the face-to-face requested with the premier must be seen in this perspective. The interview, they explain from via Bellerio, “will be an opportunity to explain the proposal for a federation of center-right groups that support the executive.” The project aims to “strengthen government action in Italy and Europe” and offer “support for reforms in the name of simplification and speed”.

No obstacles to the driver. «Conte is the past, if we were waiting for him for the vaccines we would be like in February. Draghi, on the other hand, together with General Figliuolo, has brought Italy out of the pandemic and the next will be the summer of the economic boom. We will go with him to the end ». And that’s not enough, there is also applause for the agreement of the G7 finance ministers who, on the initiative of Rome, have decided to make the digital multinational giants pay taxes. «Well, an important step at the push of Palazzo Chigi. Now we will bring to Parliament an even stronger rule to guarantee fair competition for our employers and equal rights to workers who are often exploited ”.

Mario Draghi, who was not worried before, will not be exalted even after these clarifications. If anything, it is Salvini’s potential travel companions who are alarmed, starting with a large part of Forza Italia which fears annexation. Silvio Berlusconi also held back: “Only an idea.” And so in half an hour more the leader of the Carroccio tries to be reassuring, specifying the “perimeter” of his idea. «I don’t impose anything. Mine is not a party operation for the electoral campaign just to invent a symbol, it is a concrete proposal, on things to do, of a unique force that can be the first in Parliament, in Italy, in the Regions, in Europe. A single voice, a sharing of themes and values, yet each one maintains its identity. Isn’t it worth having a single position on taxation, bureaucracy, justice? Having a single voice, I repeat, would also be useful to Draghi ». As for Meloni, Giorgia should be calm, «the alliance with her is the future», we just need to see when and with which power relations.

In the coming days, a summit of the center-right, postponed after the exit of Toti and Brugnaro from the bed of Fi, will be able to clarify. «See you this week – Salvini says – We need to close the game of candidates for mayors and, even here, I don’t want to impose anything. We will talk, we will discuss, we will evaluate the most suitable profiles and we will make a synthesis, because we are less divided than the left. And we will certainly discuss my coordination proposal as well ».

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