Who is Danish Hasnain, Saman Abbas’ uncle wanted all over Europe?

Who is Danish Hasnain, Saman Abbas’ uncle wanted all over Europe?
Who is Danish Hasnain, Saman Abbas’ uncle wanted all over Europe?

Saman Abbas she has been missing for over a month and the investigating judge investigated the young woman’s family. Among the wanted, all close members of Saman’s family, the investigation focused on the material perpetrator of the murder: Danish Hasnain.

Preliminary investigations ruled out the 18-year-old’s escape. The quarrel between Saman and the two parents ended in the worst possible way and it was Saman’s brother, just sixteen, who spoke about it. From his words, published in the Journal of Reggio, further evidence emerges against Saman’s uncle.

Danish Hasnain he was a violent man, says Saman’s brother, a man the whole family was afraid of. In addition to the young man’s statement and the videos that would frame the suspects as perpetrators and accomplices of the crime, the strange departure of Hasnain also seems to confirm the suspicions.

Danish Hasnain is on the run, the Gip’s certainties increase

The judge confers on the disappearance and murder of Saman by his uncle Danish Hasnain an ethical and religious motive. According to the judge for the preliminary investigations of Reggio Emilia Luca Ramponi it was the family dynamics that led to Saman’s death. Because we are talking about death, even if the body has not yet been found. The testimonies of the suspects do not match and all, except one of the cousins ​​arrested in France, are currently abroad. The first suspects, Shabbar and Nazia Shaheen, Saman’s parents, are in Pakistan, where they say they receive news from their daughter. Of Danish Hasnain, Saman’s uncle, has instead lost track and is still wanted in Europe on charges of murder.

Who is Danish Hasnain?

How much do we know about the man who allegedly killed Saman Abbas? What is emerging on Danish Hasnain in the last days it is only thanks to the testimony of those who have decided to speak. The statements in the minutes of the testimony of Saman’s brother draw the picture of a family tightened by traditions.

The sixteen-year-old, heard by the authorities the day after being stopped in Imperia, described his uncle as a man to be afraid of. The central role of Danish Hasnain in the affair is increasingly evident, among testimonies, videos and messages on a chat. Saman’s brother also says that that evening everything happened before his eyes. She saw the quarrel, the escape of Saman and the return of her uncle, sent to take her, but without her sister. What, says the boy, who immediately warned him. According to the young Saman she was killed by strangulation, as her uncle Danish had nothing in his hand when he returned home.

From the minutes we find out more about the man behind the murder. Danish Hasnain, 33, would have stayed at home to take care of Saman’s brother when Saman’s parents fled to Pakistan. During the two days of living together, the sixteen-year-old said that his uncle seemed repentant and started to cry and heartened him. But Saman’s brother did not speak immediately and this is because, as he himself recounts, his uncle had threatened to kill the whole family. Talking to the carabinieri would have cost him the turn.

Danish Hasnain, la fuga in Europa

For parents in Pakistan Saman is in Belgium and is doing well, but the investigations deny the statements and confirm the search for a body in the fields near where the family lived and worked. But one of the biggest suspects in backing the murder charge is the escape of other family members.

Parents in Pakistan and uncle and cousins ​​in France, direction unknown. The perpetrators and accomplices of the murder continue to be sought, without excluding possible hiding places in the area. It is thought they can be found abroad as two of them were stopped while they were traveling: in Imperia the sixteen-year-old brother of Saman and in Nimen (in France) the cousin Ikram Ijaz. On 2 June Ikram was heard by the French police and will soon be extradited to be heard, and perhaps tried, in Italy.

We don’t know much else about Saman’s uncle Danish Hasnain. More information can be obtained only when the man, currently on the run, or the body of Saman, who will tell what happened that night, is found.

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