The Ideal City: Turandot in ape-car in the local markets of Rome

The Ideal City: Turandot in ape-car in the local markets of Rome
The Ideal City: Turandot in ape-car in the local markets of Rome

Rome, June 7 (askanews) – The Ideal City continues aboard an ape-car and takes Giacomo Puccini to the outskirts of Rome: from 3 to 6 June it gave amazement to the Romans with 99 variations of Giacomo Puccini’s No dorma da Turandot played by the composer and performer Francesco Leineri aboard an itinerant pickup truck in the local markets and in the busy streets of numerous villages in the capital: Fidene, Serpentara, Vigne Nuove, Tufello, and then again in Centocelle, Torpignattara, Quarticciolo, Pigneto, Montespaccato, Torrevecchia, Primavalle, Santa Maria della Pietà, Battistini and Pineta Sacchetti.

A graft of unusual beauty, a sudden and morning foray into the daily life of the territory, of a work with a universal language and of those verses known to the whole world but usually protagonists of large theatrical stages and suggestive scenarios. Francesco Leineri: “With No Dorma I renewed the collaboration with La Città Ideal, the artistic project conceived by Fabio Morgan, we decided to apply the concept of music in a different place, in music in an always different place, therefore a traveling concert on the No Dorma theme from Giacomo Puccini’s Turandot, because the work has always been a community tradition “.

A project – explained its creator Fabio Morgan – to replace the often annoying and intrusive noises of the city – horns, ambulances, quarrels, screams, mopeds – a music that floats through the streets and neighborhoods of the suburbs, redesigning a harmonious sound of the city , to wake up in the morning and have the opportunity to stop for a moment, almost overwhelmed by enchantment.


Ideal City Turandot apecar local markets Rome

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