Italy with a fever of 90 (million). And commercial revenues fly with + 50%

Italy with a fever of 90 (million). And commercial revenues fly with + 50%
Italy with a fever of 90 (million). And commercial revenues fly with + 50%

Focus of The Gazzetta dello Sport, which analyzes the economic return ofItaly. The value of the national team – we read – also grows “against” the events (the elimination from the Russian World Cup first, then the pandemic). Today the blue four-year period is worth at least 360 million, therefore 90 million per year. And somehow the total figure will increase thanks to the results, but this is a sporting “variable”. The rest are contracts, TV rights, sponsors and a new media and commercial operation that is relaunching the Azzurri after the failure of 2018.

Double move – Two moves – continue The Gazzetta dello Sport – have changed the scenario. Meanwhile, the FIGC has decided to do without the advisor for the collection of sponsors, creating a new commercial area and giving up the guaranteed minimum. The answer was positive: commercial revenues increased by 50%. Mancini also gave visibility: Italy plays well, the passion is back, the fans have come back together.

Tv and technical sponsor – The ’19 -22 four-year period is worth around 140 million (126 from UEFA for centralized rights and 14 from Rai for other national teams and exclusives from the national team). The technical sponsor is Puma, a long contract (18 years) expiring in December 2022, a World Cup won. The value is over 90 million (more than 22 per year). It’s not official, but we know that Adidas will take over after the World Cup. It will be a very long contract, on almost double figures, to get Italy into the world top 5 with Brazil, Germany, England and France.

Awards and more – The item shot up – concludes La Gazzetta dello Sport – is that of commercial revenues: from 70 to around 105 million (+ 50%). They are top, premium and official partners, suppliers, licensing, social, in short, all the voices of the commercial, moreover in a moment (2020) in which the market has lost 36%.


Italy fever million commercial revenues fly

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