Rome: insists on Belotti, but Cairo takes time | News

The striker ready to say yes to the Giallorossi, but the Turin president does not resign

Andrea Belotti is increasingly the number one goal of Rome to strengthen the offensive department. The Giallorossi are trying to accelerate for the Turin captain, also enticed by a contract expiring in 2022 and at the moment very far from being renewed. Tiago Pinto would like to snatch him from the grenade for a figure around 20 million euros, but the president Urban Cairo he tries to hold on and takes time: “Let’s make him do a great European”, he said, urged by reporters on the issue at the exit from the Lega Assembly.

What is certain is that, at the moment, Belotti does not seem willing to extend his agreement with Toro and the idea of ​​marrying at José Mourinho’s court to try to play something more important than salvation teases him, also because the solution it would also be advantageous for him from an economic point of view. According to Corriere dello Sport the Capitoline club would be ready to offer him three million plus bonuses until 2025, against the two he currently earns.

Cairo knows that the real risk is to lose it to zero in a year, but does not seem to be in a hurry. In agreement with the new coach, Ivan Juric, he decided to try to resist the onslaught as long as possible, trying to snatch a more attractive offer (at least 30 million), perhaps leveraging some interest from abroad. At the moment we are still thinking about the most economically advantageous solution for everyone, but the track is certainly destined to heat up further in the coming weeks.


Rome insists Belotti Cairo takes time News

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