Rain and hail, Piedmont hostage to thunderstorms until Thursday

Strong thunderstorms are affecting the Turin area in these hours with hail and violent rain showers and local storms expected in the next few hours also on the rest of Piedmont especially on the Cuneo area and on the hilly areas along and south of the Po, more isolated on the Novarese and Piedmont. Oriental. The Piedmont Harp issued a yellow alert (ordinary criticality) for thunderstorms until the early morning of tomorrow with the risk of local flooding, lightning, gusts of wind and isolated small landslides.

The satellite image captures the instability in Piedmont

Intense phenomena in Valsusa

A strong storm, with some hailstones broke out in the afternoon also in the center of Turin, where it still continues to rain. The Campidoglio district in the west of Turin was particularly affected. At the moment, however, the most intense phenomena are taking place tbetween the lower Susa valley and the western outskirts where a storm discharged about thirty mm of rain in an hour in Rivoli (given Arpa Piemonte). Rains and thunderstorms will continue into the evening and into the next night, especially on Cuneo, Turin and the hills of Lower Piedmont, where they will run out in the morning.

Only improve on the weekend

The respite, with a little sun, it will be short-lived and already tomorrow afternoon showers and thunderstorms scattered over the Alpine sectors and subsequently here and there on the plains will return to reactivate. Even between Wednesday and Thursday sunny mornings will be followed by more unstable afternoons with the risk of storms in the mountains and more locally in the plains, while for a marked improvement it will probably be necessary to wait until the weekend.

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