Entries in the role 2021, here are the places available in primary school after the transfers. Framework for regions and provinces

The results of the 2021 teacher mobility have been published. There are 13,259 available on common and language positions in primary school. 10,279, on the other hand, on support.

Over 1000 places available in Tuscany, as well as in Veneto, the same situation also in Lazio, Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont and Lombardy.

As anticipated, here is the total number of remaining places after the operations:

5.940 childhood
23.538 primary
38.884 first degree
44.329 second degree

Data province by province of the Flc Cgil

Entries in the role of teachers 2021, 112 thousand free places after mobility: here is the distribution for each province

Immissioni in ruolo 2021/22: nell’infanzia 6000 posti disponibili dopo la mobilità. Dati per provincia

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