Modula Milano, the truly modular, totally Italian backpack

Modula Milano Backpack is a “made in Italy” backpack, of conception and construction, which enhances the concept of modularity that we have already seen in the sector of solutions for the so-called “Digital Nomads”. If you are looking for an elegant backpack, which uses technical materials, you can currently find – and still for a few days – in the kickstarter campaign at this link: Modula Milano Backpack.

We tried it for a few days, here’s what we think. The design is classic, clean, more similar to that of fashion brands rather than backpacks designed for geeks looking for a solution with a thousand pockets and pockets. On the contrary, there will be a main compartment that opens completely with a zipper that runs along the three sides of the backpack, a front pocket and a rear compartment in which to insert a notebook. The zippers are waterproof and the closure of the front pocket, magnetic, is very convenient. No side, top or other small or large compartments. Aesthetically it looks bigger than it is, probably because of the design, but in reality it is a backpack of about 25 liters.


We now come to the peculiarity of this backpack, that is its modularity that allows it to be always updated over time, as well as to adapt to different types of use. If you want to take advantage of this feature, you will have to purchase the accessory “Milan Anchor”, A special panel to be placed on the back of the main compartment, which will allow you to connect additional modules. Among these are already available the Milano Everyday Block, a small bag to store items such as cables, adapters, pen drives, chargers or other small items; obviously it is also taken as a make-up holder, for example, or for tools of any kind. It depends on what kind of need you have. A second accessory, the Milano Packing Block, it’s twice the size of the everyday block, and allows you to store larger items: a camera, lunch boxes, a change of clothes for a trip. Being large bags and without particular dividers or other frills, they lend themselves to the most diverse uses.


The last accessory already available is the “Milano Laptop Organizer”, A module to be inserted in the back pocket of the laptop, which allows to anchor the laptop, a tablet and a series of accessories, from cables to the charger, stylus or more. The idea behind this accessory is the possibility of get to the office and take out everything you need in one go, as if it were a portable desk.

To remove the individual modules, a movement upwards is sufficient, while to reconnect them just bring them close to the hooks and a dry “clack” will notify you of the connection. The main construction material is cordura, together with other refined fabrics, the backpack (empty) is very light and a hinge allows to extend the capacity up to 35 liters.


Too bad for the lack of some feet in the lower part that could protect the bottom when placed on the ground or outside, while we would have liked at least a side pocket to insert an umbrella or a bottle.


The concept of Modula Milano is interesting, since according to the needs it is possible to use only one backpack for different situations, simply by changing the modules. Consequently, the possibility of extracting a single module and taking it with you is also convenient. Currently the accessories available are what we can define as “basic”, while others will arrive in the future. We imagine, for example, a module to transform it into a photographic backpack, or perhaps a module for technology enthusiasts that can carry a mix of pockets and pockets, which we miss a little. It will also be possible to expand the backpack externally, with modules to be connected to the sides or below. The producers told us that it was designed to evolve over time and adapt to all needs.


It is not a backpack that costs little, both for its uniqueness and for the materials and build quality. But it is certainly a well-made backpack, comfortable to use and beautiful to look at, as long as you like the classic style. If you are interested you should take advantage of it now that it is in the kickstarter campaign, at this link: Modula Milano.

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