Stresa Mottarone cable car, the judge changes: file to the investigating judge | The defense: “Never seen such a thing”

Too many causes for the investigating judge but the assignment to Banci was not “regular” – The time for the decision on the request for the probative incident advanced by the defense of Gabriele Tadini, the head of the Mottarone cable car service under house arrest for the accident on Sunday 24 May, is lengthening. In fact, as stated in the provision of the President of the Court of Verbania, Luigi Maria Montefusco, “the judge assigning the procedure, should have been identified, in case of absence or impediment of the investigating magistrate, gradually” among the other judges of the office , excluding the president Donatella Banci Buonamici. Judge Banci, in the aftermath of the detention, with a provision had assigned the file of colleague Elena Ceriotti, the owner to whom the procedure has now been reassigned, exonerated to allow her to dispose of the backlog of work. But for Montefusco “this assignment, if justified for the validation of the arrest, does not comply with the rules for the distribution of business and the criteria for substitution” of the magistrates of the magistrates of the magistrate’s office, we read in the document sent to the President of the Court of Appeal, to the Attorney General and the Judicial Council of Turin, as well as to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Order of Lawyers of Verbania.

Defenses of suspects arise: “Things never seen” – “It is an anomalous measure. It has never happened that during a match the referee is changed despite everyone recognizing that he did well”. This was stated by the lawyer Pasquale Pantano, lawyer of Luigi Nerini, the owner of the Mottarone Railway and one of the suspects for the accident in which 14 people died, commented on the reassignment of the procedure. “We have never seen such a measure. It is the first time that a judge in an ongoing proceeding has been replaced not for a valid impediment but for a table problem”, added the lawyer Marcello Perillo, defender of Gabriele Tadini , the head of the Mottarone cableway and the only one of the three stopped to be under house arrest.

Pm Verbania: “Review for manager and director” – Meanwhile, the Verbania Public Prosecutor’s Office asked the Review Court to cancel the provision with which the investigating magistrate Donatella Banci Buonamici had rejected the request for a precautionary measure for Luigi Nerini, the owner of the Mottarone Railway, and for Enrico Perocchio, the engineer operating manager.

The cabin will be taken away by helicopter – It will be necessary to cut some trees and use a helicopter to take away the cabin of the Mottarone cable car which collapsed on May 23, killing 14 people. and ‘what emerges from the inspection carried out by the expert appointed by the prosecutor. The displacement of the cabin is, according to the prosecutor, a “operation of considerable complexity, taking into account the place where the cabin is located and its size”, as written by the prosecutors in the observations to the request for an evidentiary incident from Gabriele Tadini’s lawyer head of service under investigation.

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