Standing ovation for Szumski yesterday in Piazza del Duomo in Milan for the Covid-19 national home care conference: there were over 10 thousand people

Yesterday morning, the Piazza del Duomo in Milan saw a multitude of people from all over Italy, including Santa Lucia di Piave, to attend the Covid-19 National Home Care Conference.

Encounters of citizens but also doctors, specialists, health personnel, people healed with alternative therapies, all together to tell and know something more about a theme that has now been affecting our lives, for better or for worse, our lives for over a year. .

“I have to thank some people – he says Riccardo Szumski back to Santa Lucia – first all those who came to Milan to testify that Covid, even in a serious form, can be treated at home. Then the medical colleagues who have done a great job, the moderators, the pharmacists, the psychologists and anyone who has added something extra to help the sick in the various facets of the disease. Finally Erich Grimaldi for the stubborn and brilliant intuition of putting us all online “.

The Santalucian doctor received a real demonstration of esteem from those present who stood up in a standing ovation when it was his turn to speak on stage.

In Piazza del Duomo, to give their support to the doctors and health professionals of the early home therapy committee, there were also some people from Santalucía along with many citizens of the Piave left.

To see that we move this large number of people must be a signal: we will not stop until our work is recognized, because it is not about luck how they want to pass it.”Comments Szumski, recalling that the next event will be held in Naples.

Many topics were touched during the conference, from the definition of healing in science and conscience to what went wrong in territorial medicine during the Covid-19 emergency, to the question of why the doctors who worked in the field were not listened to by the Government despite the yes of the Senate.

The journalist led the three-hour conference Max Rigano, together with the President of the Committee Erich Grimaldi and his spokesperson Valentina Rigano.

Although not physically present, there were numerous doctors who attended from afar, while among the white coats present they stood out Andrea Mangiagalli, Riccardo Szumski, Francesco Garofoli, Nino Pignataro, Serafino Fazio, but also Pierfrancesco Di Masi resuscitator anesthetist from Bari, Gretel Thedy psychiatrist from Savona and more volunteers, moderators, nurses, nutritionist biologists.

Also yesterday, the signatures of a petition were also collected to ask the Ministry of Health to take into consideration the work of doctors in the area, as requested by the Senate on 8 April.

It was an important day, which restored the right dignity to the work of these doctors – stated the lawyer Erich Grimaldi – we will promote a popular referendum for the reform of territorial health: the data on our work will arrive, even if no one has helped us to collect them”.

The spokesperson Valentina Rigano he added: “In such a large group of people there will certainly be different ideas on many points relating to the pandemic, but we are certainly light years away from alternative medicine or conspiracy.”

Yesterday’s meeting was a symbolic gesture and the voices of the protagonists were collected: what emerged is that “early” is the key word in fighting the virus, a word that contrasts with the official word of the protocols: ” watchful waiting “. “Waiting for what? To see a deterioration? Something that is in stark contrast to the Hippocratic Oath ”they suggest from the stage.

Now we just have to wait for the results of the petition.

(Photo: Facebook).

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