Green Pass, how to get it and how long the green certificate lasts

Green Pass, how to get it and how long the green certificate lasts
Green Pass, how to get it and how long the green certificate lasts

From 15 June, those who want to move between Regions in the red or orange zone, participate in private parties or visit their loved ones in the nursing homes will have to have Green Pass.

What is the Green Pass? The Green Pass is a certificate attesting tovaccination occurred against Covid, the recovery from the disease ol’failure of a tampon quick carried out in the previous 48 hours. Waiting for a similar pass valid on a European scale – which will enter into force on 1 July under the name of I Digital Covid Certificate -, the Green Pass could sanction a timid return to social life in view of the summer and in parallel with the easing of restrictions throughout the national territory.

How to apply for the Green Pass

Who is cured of Covid he will have to ask his local health authority, the family doctor or the hospital where he was hospitalized for the document. The case of the rapid swab is different: in fact, pharmacies and accredited private structures can also issue the certificate.

How to get the Green pass? The Green Pass is issued in paper or digital format by the healthcare facility or by the competent ASL. Those who have received can also obtain it a single dose of vaccine, but the pass will be valid only starting from the 15th day from the inoculation and up to the date scheduled for the second administration (when, probably, it will be possible to ask for what certifies the completion of the vaccination cycle).

How long does the Green Pass last?

The Green Pass is valid for 9 months for those who have completed the vaccination cycle, while those who have recovered from Covid will be able to count on the certificate for 6 months. The negative result of a quick swab will instead allow free movement for 48 hours, green pass ideal for weddings and other private parties.

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gateway ue green pass

From 1 July to the Green Pass will be added the I Digital Covid Certificate, which will allow owners to move freely in theEuropean Union without quarantine obligation for 12 months from issue. Italy will soon be ready to connect to the platform set up by the European Union, which in the meantime has made a page available to follow the progress of the work. At the moment it is not known if and how the two instruments will be harmonized or if one will completely replace the other.



Green Pass long green certificate lasts

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