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The great move: multi-voiced online novel-event (chapter 3: Traveling)

The great move: multi-voiced online novel-event (chapter 3: Traveling)
The great move: multi-voiced online novel-event (chapter 3: Traveling)

Milano – The national fair of critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles Do the right thing! presents the project The Great Relocation, an online novel-event: a story with several voices, from March to October 2021, to give a new reading of the reality in which we live, share ideas and tools and move into the future we want to build, as a planet and community.

Milano – What should we take with us and what should we abandon? This is the common thread of the live meetings, insights and workshops that make up the novel: a calendar of weekly appointments, from March to October 2021 on the site, enriched with original content – videos, illustrations and calls addressed to the public.

Milano – After first chapter on the topic To feed e the second on the topic Live, the program of the Great Relocation continues from 26 May to 30 June 2021 with a series of events on the subject To travel, to imagine a new way to explore the places, starting from local tourism and the rediscovery of the cultural and natural heritage of our peninsula.

How to be a sustainable traveler? He tells it Valentina Miozzo, travel blogger and hiking guide, Wednesday 26 May (6.00 pm). Since she was 18, her love of travel has led her to explore the most disparate places on her own, from one end of the world to the other. Since February 2020, however, forced to reinvent itself due to the tourist blockade, she has stopped in the same place to live a unique experience: managing the historic guesthouse in Kongsfjord, a village inhabited by many more seals and reindeer than people, just 28, on a Norwegian fjord at the North Cape. For her, an expert in sustainable tourism and solo experiences, traveling responsibly can change the world while respecting the environment, cultures and traditions.

Wednesday 9 June (1.00 pm) the guest is Giovanni Storti, comedian of Italy’s most famous trio, Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, to talk about urban mobility and cycle tourism. Actor, screenwriter and director, but not only. Lover of nature, activist for the environment and runner who rediscovered the love for sport at the age of 50, he has always used the bicycle to move around Milan, his city, and after having crossed the length and breadth of Italy with a racing bike, for some years he discovered cycling, moving with a group of friends all over Europe. Together with him we talk about the mobility of the future, which also includes two wheels.

Wednesday 23 June (7.00 pm) the singer and musician Jack Jaselli tells, in words and in music, his experience along the Via Francigena, which he traveled in 2019 in a moment of crisis, with a light backpack and a guitar, to rediscover the contact with nature, savor the slowness and find himself . An encounter, starting with your book I walk home, for all those who are ready to leave again.

Travel is not only pleasure and discovery, it is also often a necessity. To talk about it, Wednesday 30 June (9.00 pm) is Francesca Mannocchi, a journalist often sent to the Middle East and North Africa who has been dealing with migration and conflicts for years, collaborating with various national and international newspapers. Through his expert gaze, the reasons for those who travel for work and those forced to leave their land in search of a new life are investigated.

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