Milan Lombardy Coronavirus Bulletin Monday 7 June 2021

Milan Lombardy Coronavirus Bulletin Monday 7 June 2021
Milan Lombardy Coronavirus Bulletin Monday 7 June 2021

On Monday 7 June, 142 people were found to be positive for covid in Lombardy. This was announced by the usual bulletin released in the afternoon by the Region and the Ministry of Health. The swabs carried out were 12,697, with a ratio between new positives and swabs carried out of 1.12%. Between Milan and hiterland the new positives are 48. In Milan city, 21.

The number of people hospitalized for covid in the intensive care units of the Lombard hospitals remains unchanged (167). On the other hand, the number of non-serious patients decreased to 799, or 34 fewer. In both cases it is, as always, a “balance” between resignations and new entries. Finally, six people died in Lombardy in the last 24 hours due to covid. The total since the start of the pandemic is now 33,675.

Vaccini covid, first corporate hub inaugurated

The companies have finally started anti-covid vaccinations with the inauguration, on Monday 7 June, of the Unipol vaccination center in Milan, at the former “Rasoio” in via De Castillia, on the Island, recently renovated. The potential is one thousand vaccines a day and fifty doctors and health workers will work there. The center is reserved for Unipol employees, their families and commercial agents connected to the company, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises that use UniSalute’s supplementary health services, as well as for other companies that want to make agreements to have the “Rasioio” their employees.

“We give a little help, as a group, to the effort that the public service is making. The private sector must be complementary, it cannot be replaced », explained Carlo Cimbri, Unipol CEO. Among the large customers of UniSalute who have already joined the vaccination plan, Bper, Ancc (Coop), Ancd (Conad) and the San.Arti Fund. “Lombardy – added Cimbri – was the region most affected by the pandemic, but today a great job is being done. This center can do a thousand vaccines a day and we have another twenty points throughout Lombardy. We hope to be able to return to normal as soon as possible », added Cimbri.

In Milan, in addition to the “Rasoio” Unipol will make another hub available in via dei Missaglia, again with a potential of one thousand administrations per day. Reservations are made with an internal procedure and the data flow is sent to the Ats which, based on the request, send the necessary doses.

Lombardi vaccinated by 10 or 30 July

Objective: not to go beyond July. Lombardy Region does not want to stop in the race for anti-covid vaccines and wants to respect the timetable already drawn up months ago. The latest confirmation came on Monday morning, when the administration in the company also began, with the first hub open at Unipol in Milan.

«Massive centers and corporate hubs. We keep both possibilities open – explained the councilor for welfare and vice president, Letizia Moratti – because an increasingly important arrival of vaccines is expected. For example, even on Saturday and Sunday, despite the weekend, we have exceeded 100,000 doses per day. I therefore confirm that we can reach 144,000 doses in our massive centers, to which are added the availability in pharmacies and companies. At the current doses, that is, maintaining the 100,000 doses per day, we would arrive at July 30 at one dose for each Lombard citizen. With 120,000 doses per day, by 10 July, we could immunize all the Lombards with a first dose », announced the number two of the Pirellone.

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