Entries in the role 2021/22: in infancy 6000 places available after mobility. Data by province

The results of the 2021 teacher mobility have been published. There are more than 112 thousand free places after the operations, almost 6000 in the nursery school: 4297 on common place, 1643 on support. Details by province in the attached table

As anticipated, here is the total number of remaining places after the operations:

5.940 childhood
23.538 primary
38.884 first degree
44.329 second degree

Data province by province of the Flc Cgil

How the entries in the role of childhood 2021 will take place

The DL Sostegni bis, currently being examined by Parliament, identifies two phases

  • ordinary phase: 50% of places in the GaE and 50% in the 2016 and then 2018 competitions
  • extraordinary phase: scrolling of the first band GPS provincial rankings for substitutes for teachers with three years of service in the last ten (must the three years be specific?)

In the coming weeks the Decree will be converted into law and we will know any changes made.

Entries in the role of teachers 2021, 112 thousand free places after mobility: here is the distribution for each province

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