New trams and Metro C, the commissioners arrive: the Capitol thanks

New trams and Metro C, the commissioners arrive: the Capitol thanks
New trams and Metro C, the commissioners arrive: the Capitol thanks

Commissioners for the tram lines as well as for the extension of metro C. The Government has decided on the strategy to be followed for the works intended to develop sustainable mobility in Rome.

The PNRR relies on trams

The National Resilience Recovery Plan (PNRR) approved by the Draghi government, as regards mobility in Rome, has decided to invest mainly in the development of tram lines. And as happens for the approximately 40 works that will be financed with the PNRR, even those aimed at increasing the trams require the use of special commissioners.

The satisfaction of the Capitol

The government’s decision was positively commented by the councilor for mobility Pietro Calabrese. “We thank Minister Giovannini for having given substance to our requests of last August on mobility – commented the current number two of the Raggi junta – After our request for the commissioner for metro C to solve the administrative system and accelerate the completion of the ‘work, now we have also obtained the inclusion of 5 tram lines in the Recovery, with the relative commissioner as per PNRR, to carry them out by the next Jubilee of 2025 ”.

Gualtieri also thanks

The government’s decision also ends up becoming a theme in the Capitoline electoral campaign. Minister Giovannini’s intentions also received appreciation from Roberto Gualtieri. “I had launched the proposal of a commissioner for the 4 Tramways for the Jubilee, because otherwise they would not have been realized in time – declared the candidate of the PD in the center-left primary – Excellent that the Government has accepted it. Our work for the Capital has already begun. All together for the rebirth of Rome “.

Tramway works in the design phase

The government’s decision to focus on commissioners could represent the keystone for the construction of the city’s tramway infrastructures. In the field of sustainable mobility, the Capitol is in fact washing up on several tables. For example, at the end of April, it announced the launch of a tender to select seven projects. They are used to build 33 kilometers of new tram lines, foreseen in the PUMS. These are routes like that of the Giardinetti Tor Vergata line, but there is also the tram route assumed on the Marconi – Appia Antica park axis. The list of these new connections, seven in all, also includes the tramway that will connect Tiburtina station to Ponte Mammolo.

The projects already presented for the SUMP

Returning to the intentions of the Draghi government, Calabrese stressed that they represent “the best response to those who for months tried in all possible ways to deceive the Romans by declaring that the capital had been excluded from the PNRR because we had not made the plans”. The projects, underlined the Capitoline councilor, “are there and have already been presented and funded in February 2020, such as the three tramways Togliatti, Termini-TorVergata and Tiburtina, to which are added the projects presented last January for the TVA and the tram of the Forums, all 5 included in the PNRR “.

Then there are the seven routes which, until the end of April, were written only in the book of dreams and which, once designed, will contribute to creating another 33 km of rail transport. For the latter, of course, it is still too early to talk about funding and commissioners.

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