“For me also tomorrow” – Corriere.it

“For me also tomorrow” – Corriere.it
“For me also tomorrow” – Corriere.it

The Italian government wants to anticipate the adoption of the European green pass rules. In order not to lose further ground, on the tourism front, compared to other EU countries that have already moved in this direction. “If it were up to me, I would adopt it as early as tomorrow, not from 1 July or 15 June”, explained the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia, guest of “Forum in masseria”, the event organized in Manduria by Bruno Vespa. “Tourists don’t know the rules very well yet and that’s why they go where they are easier to understand, in France or Greece. Countries that leave earlier have advantages. This is why it is important for us to anticipate the rules of the European green pass, which will officially start on 1 July ».

After all, several states of the European Union have taken the lead, such as Greece, and others have reduced restrictions, such as Croatia and France. And Garavaglia does not want to waste any more time since for most foreign tourists the holidays are in June. «At the European level, the green pass is now starting» even if «in the meantime everyone does as he wants, damaging us. If we did as others do, we would have advantages. These are stupid little rules that make us lose customers ».

The prudence of the Ministry of Health

But the advance of the green pass rules to June 15 does not depend only on Garavaglia. Which also highlights the possible obstacles. “The Ministry of Health is still too prudent,” he explained, answering a question about when the double vaccination will be valid as a pass, as happens in France. “Given the data, I would say that the too prudent attitude is also unjustified: we have almost all of Italy in the white zone there would be no justifications, but as long as the CTS does not change these rules we will keep them”, he continued, underlining that he will propose in the Council of Ministers to follow the example of France “Objectively it is putting us in difficulty in the restart”, he added.


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