why are Area C and Area B returning? In the North, increased use of private cars after the COVID

why are Area C and Area B returning? In the North, increased use of private cars after the COVID
why are Area C and Area B returning? In the North, increased use of private cars after the COVID

It seems inevitable that the restrictions on the circulation of private vehicles with Area B and Area C in Milan will return to full capacity starting from Wednesday 9 June, immediately after the end of the school year. The data of private traffic, since Lombardy returned to the yellow zone, are gradually and steadily increasing. The Milanese and commuters prefer by now clearly show a preference for the private car over public transport, evidently considering it safer from the point of view of health and covid infections. Hence the necessary countermeasures, because traffic congestion is a direct source of smog and pollution.

According to the data provided by the Municipality of Milan, in fact, compared to 2019 the congestion index is 47% higher while the entrances to Area C monitored by cameras (the congestion charge is already active from 10 am) are 37% higher. . Palazzo Marino has made it known that it has postponed the restarting of the cameras in Area B and the restoration of Area C to the usual times until after the end of the school year so as not to create major repercussions on the use of public transport.

Without students, passengers in the subway, bus and tram will decrease in the most critical hours of the morning. But, the Municipality remembers, the agreement on city timetables signed by various entrepreneurial and commercial categories as well as by the major trade unions is still in force. An agreement thanks to which the start of some activities is “moved forward” to avoid an excessive concentration of passengers between 8 and 9. For Marco Granelli, councilor for mobility, “move, whenever possible, by alternative means to car, by bike, with shared vehicles or at off-peak times, it is a choice that helps the community and allows those who have no alternatives to private vehicles, goods and services to move better with many benefits for everyone. for air quality ».

A research promoted by Bicocca, the University of Turin and the University of Insubria and extended to all of Italy, has shown that in the northern macro-regions, the most affected by the covid pandemic, the preference for public transport has clearly decreased. in 2019, it stood at 68.5% in the North-West and, now, it does not exceed 13% in case of high health risk. The consequence is a “return of the car”, the use of which could increase between 3 and 10% in all regions of the North.


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