Blitz del Ros against anti-Semitic and racist group: investigated Francesca Rizzi, the Milanese “Miss Hitler” with the Nazi eagle on her shoulders

Miss Hitler from Pozzo D’Adda in the Milanese area is under investigation: the crime hypothesis is an association aimed at propaganda and incitement for reasons of ethnic and religious discrimination. On social media today all traces of Francesca Rizzi: his Facebook account has been deactivated and posts praising Nazism no longer appear. The 39-year-old from Pozzo D’Adda, mother of a child (denounced with the precautionary measure obligatory of presentation to the pg), had won the title of “Miss Hitler” by participating in a competition launched on the Russian social network VK. A well-deserved title for tattoos on the body that praise his Nazi idol – like the eagle tattooed on his back that stretches its wings from shoulder to shoulder, under the swastika – but above all for posts on social media with heavy insults and hatred towards the Jews.

The woman, joined like the others by the provision of compulsory presentation to the judicial authority, is part of the anti-Semitic group ‘Ario Romano Order’ to which the prosecutors of Rome, coordinated by the prosecutor Michele Prestipino, contest the crime of criminal association aimed at propaganda and incitement on grounds of ethnic and religious discrimination. Rizzi, according to the indictment, he had sought contacts with the Portuguese extremist group ‘Nova Ordem Social’.

Of the suspects, six live in Lazio (4 in Rome), three in Sardinia, one in Calabria, one in Abruzzo and one in Lombardy. The investigations revealed that the twelve had relations “via social” with Marco Gervasoni, the university professor under investigation in another investigation for threats to offenses against the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.

In November 2019 Rizzi was investigated together with 18 other pro-Nazis in an investigation by the Caltanissetta Public Prosecutor’s Office for constitution and participation in subversive association and instigation to commit a crime. In his posts he spoke in bright tones of extermination and Jews to be made to disappear, to whom he blamed the evils of the world, and published insults against Liliana Segre. In August 2019 he participated in the Nationalist Conference in Lisbon with the aim of forming a transnational alliance between the National Socialist-inspired movements of Portugal, Italy, France and Spain. According to the investigators he had taken part “as a representative of Nationalist Autonomy and according to the accounts he had made a clearly anti-Semitic speech”.

The investigation by the Ros and the Rome prosecutor’s office

The militants, aged between 26 and 62, who published racist and anti-Semitic content on social networks, resided in various Italian regions: 6 in Lazio, of which 4 between Rome and the province, one in Latina and one in Frosinone, three in Sardinia, one in Calabria, one in Abruzzo and one in Lombardy. Among other things, the group was planning an action, still in an embryonic stage, against a NATO structure by means of homemade explosive devices packaged through instructions found on the web.

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