Studiopepe redesigns a floor of Rinascente Milano in a “genderless” key

Studiopepe redesigns a floor of Rinascente Milano in a “genderless” key
Studiopepe redesigns a floor of Rinascente Milano in a “genderless” key

Studiopepe, design and architecture agency founded in Milan in 2006 by Arianna Lelli Mami e Chiara Di Pinto, continues his careful multidisciplinary design work also linked to creative consultancy for fashion.

The key points of the all-female studio are continuous experimentation, a talent for researching colors and details, creativity in materials and a strong contamination with the contemporary language of art.

Iconic and visionary, the two founders come from different but converging experiences, the designer Arianna Lelli Mami, always fascinated by the multiple fluid dynamics in which people live and inhabit spaces, the artist Chiara Di Pinto passionate about shapes and colors that give emotions to people.

Among the latest important works, they are completing the restyle of the 4th floor of Rinascente Milano, the “fashion and contemporary womenswear & shoes” section redesigned in an Eighties key and characterized by rigorous and functional atmospheres, the expression of an elegant industrial design without time.

The language they usually use in their projects is stratified and eclectic, poetic and rigorous, personalized for each client, in order to always obtain peculiar uniqueness and specificity.

On the fourth floor of Rinascente Milano, pop colors inspired by street style and a new approach will be seen in the different areas divided by image and function genderless in the conception of the sales spaces, highlighted by the color changes that envisage emerald green, silver and black dominating, in contamination with touches of coral and acid yellow.

Studiopepe creates settings where design is alive and can interpret the variations of cultural archetypes, directly connected to everyday life, especially today where the great challenge centers on bringing all people back to have a physical and emotional experience.

The primary source of inspiration for the project was the Milan metro of Franco Albini e Franca Helg, which proposes in Rinascente Milan some formal references such as the curved metal tubular with circular section and industrial materials, satin steel, plexiglass and maxi-grit, with contrasting textures, in addition to the special Silipol alloy that covers the walls of the subway, the Alusion, aluminum foam that also covers the exteriors of Fondazione Prada, finally, Milleforma, an innovative natural and sustainable cellulose pulp.

The modern furnishings, with rounded shapes, blend into the space and join with re-editions of iconic design pieces such as the ‘Boomerang’ armchair by Rodolfo Bonetto, against the backdrop of large wave displays in satin plexiglass for the area dedicated to sneakers, placed in this scenographic backdrop with a circular carousel composed of a sequence of modules in chromed grating.

Even the cylindrical dressing rooms have been designed with the same undulatory system, closed by folding doors, designed by Gio Ponti, and are colored in the space characterized by a synergistic attractive vision of this symbolic place of shopping, a sort of creative short circuit adaptable to any type of customer.

Studiopepe portrait of Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto photographer Andrea Ferrari

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