how the M5s will end. The new book? It starts from D’Alema … – Time

how the M5s will end. The new book? It starts from D’Alema … – Time
how the M5s will end. The new book? It starts from D’Alema … – Time

Giorgia Peretti

07 June 2021

Matteo Renzi is the guest of honor of the episode on Monday 7 June of L’aria che tira. The morning broadcast of La 7, hosted by Myrta Merlino, hosts the leader of Italia Viva for a face-to-face interview. The presenter appeals to him like this: “The great old man of Italian politics but he is only 46 years old”. The “destroyer of governments”, but the figure who more than others has seen the birth with different combinations, yellow and red, yellow and green, now Mario Draghi’s broad-based government.

Renzi announces that he is dedicating himself to writing in the last book and does not miss the opportunity to do some spoilers. A debate that crosses the hottest issues of the moment from the internal fracture of the 5-star movement to the new center-right federation and then to the post-Draghi government scenario. The polls seem to be leaning towards the rise of Giorgia Meloni, Renzi does not seem to agree: “Meloni has made every bet on saying that Draghi will fail. Now she is smart and is realizing that the economy is restarting and so he also changed the line in the opposition. Is the federation of the center-right to avoid making it rise to the government? No, I don’t see Meloni at Palazzo Chigi, she has been in politics for 15 years. and they come “, Renzi replies.

“Do you remember Massimo D’Alema? Who said ‘The most unpopular of Italians who wants to send home the most popular’, were you the most popular? ” Merlin asks. “It is the beginning of my new book, it will start from this sentence, how can the most unpopular send home the most popular? One a year by now, otherwise I don’t look like Bruno Vespa. I have the same moles, a few less books and I’m less good. The book is titled ‘Against the Current’. Those who say that politics can only be done if you are popular reminds me of that Scavolini advertisement that said ‘the most loved of Italians’ … Now we apologize to Scavolini with the comparison with D’Alema because Scavolini is a serious business “.

The leader of Italia Viva did not spare himself even on the future of the grillini: “The cinquestelle are embarrassing, they changed their opinion on everything, Luigi Di Maio also apologized for justice. If the times are those of 5 years in 2026, they will also thank me for Mario Draghi’s government. ” Then he launches the broadside to the leader in pectore: “Conte made a great image operation, when he was holding the press conference Rai put social profiles at the bottom of the TV, to get likes and followers. Do you say it swelled? No, so it looks like he took steroids, but the 5 Star Movement is over ”.

Finally, there was no lack of self-congratulatory moments for the Draghi government: “I am very happy to see that the populists are all in the government of Mario Draghi, who wanted Italia Viva. Nobody pulls the plug out of the Draghi government, elections are held in 2023, count does what he believes is his right to choose what the forecasts for his party will be. With him it is as if the ‘0 pause had entered or the Safety Car between now and 2023 will change everything. In the center-right they are reforming now, since Giorgia Meloni is out. “Can the skeptics of the center-right alliance count on her? Merlin pinches.” It’s all to be seen “, she replies. In short, even in this case, the forecasts of Renzi were wasted.

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