Who is Giulietta Romano, the Alexandrian competitor of Love Island Italia

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Monday, June 7, 2021 – 11:24 am

RADIOGODL – From Monday 7 June, to coincide with the end of The Island of the Famous, it will start Love Island Italia, the interactive reality show hosted by Giulia De Lellis and aired on Discovery+. Goal of the program? Finding a soul mate. There will be 10 competitors (5 girls and 5 boys), ready to dive into flirtations, unrequited attractions and unexpected events. Our lovers will spend 4 weeks under the eye of the cameras in a dream villa, in Gran Canaria, trying to avoid elimination and reach the final prize, consisting of 20 thousand euros in gold tokens. A special feature of the show will be the active role of the public, who will be able to decide the fate of the couples through the program app.

Among the participants, our fellow citizen decided to entrust his own path to the spectators Juliet Romano. What do we know about our “lover”? Despite being an inhabitant of the Municipality of Alessandria, in reality she has Russian origins from her mother (from whom she seems to have inherited her composure) and Neapolitan from her father (from whom she seems to have inherited the energy and exuberance). She is 24 years old and is currently residing in Milan to continue her modeling career. Among his passions stands out that for artistic gymnastics and make-up, for which he publishes tutorials on his Instagram profile and Tik Tok (on both social networks he has reached about three thousand followers). Juliet, of course, is single and has decided to participate in the reality show in the hope of finding love and winning the final victory.


Giulietta Romano Alexandrian competitor Love Island Italia

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