starting tomorrow the 11th French week

starting tomorrow the 11th French week
starting tomorrow the 11th French week

After the postponement of the traditional appointment at the beginning of March due to the pandemic, the eleventh edition of the “French Week” returns to Rome from 8 to 14 June, the review that tells of the “twinning” between the Municipality of Rome I Center and the XIII ° arrondissement of Paris, which has now become a small classic among the appointments of the Roman cultural spring.

A friendship between two Municipalities based on common roots that come from afar, from the Renaissance period and then from the Enlightenment, that is the cultural foundations on which the whole of Europe was built, explain the President Sabrina Alfonsi and the Councilor for Cultural Policies of Municipality I, Cinzia Guido. “A bond that renews and grows every year, also thanks to the contribution of public and private partners who make their spaces available to host events that have the ambition – through the universal language of art – to represent the capacity of culture , understood in a broad sense, to create strong and lasting relationships between people and territories. Despite the organizational difficulties deriving from the preventive measures, with tenacity and passion we managed not to miss the appointment with the French Week, and we want this to represent a sign of hope for the prompt restart of the world of culture, which has suffered so much in cause of covid 19 “.

The program

Also in this edition, as in the previous ones, multiple forms of artistic expression are explored, through a program of events that ranges from music to literature, from painting to cinema.

It begins as usual with the opening night of Tuesday 8 June at 6 pm at the Stadium of Domitian, with the recital Les Voyages dei Poeti, by Giancarlo Gori and Edoardo Viviani. Readings of poems and prose by Pasolini, Ungaretti, Prevert, Sciascia, Ferrè, Hikmet accompanied by the piano by Luigi Petruzzui and by the sax by Paolo Tomassini who perform the music of great Italian and French authors.

Second appointment Wednesday 9 June at 6 pm at the International House of Women with “Body”, extemporaneous painting performance and poetic readings conceived by Simona Sarti in collaboration with Michel Patrin. The two artists with their brushstrokes will interact together to create a unique figure that is the fruit of their emotions, while a voiceover will read passages that express the idea of ​​balance and gift.
Thursday 10th June ore 19,30 at the Youth Center of Municipio I in Trastevere, “Homage to Simenon and Maigret” by the director and actor Roberto Posse, with a psychoanalytic reading by the great French writer. The film “Maigret a Pigalle” by Mario Landi will be screened, the first Italian-French film with the leading actor Gino Cervi, released in 1967 after the well-known television series. The screening will be preceded by a conference by the psychoanalyst Rosa Romano Toscani, who will deepen the relationship between Simenon and Maigret, considering the alter ego on which Simenon projected his aspirations and desires.
Saturday 12 June at 5.00 pm again in Trastevere, at the Garden of Vicolo del Cedro, 1 presentation of the book “I lived in dreams”, an open-hearted interview in which the French actor Michel Piccoli talks to his friend Gilles Jacobs, privileging the emotional and sentimental aspect. Curated by Mariagrazia Paturco and Jacqueline Zana-Victor.

After the Sunday break, programming resumes Monday 14 June, for the final day of this year’s French week.

At 15.00 at the headquarters of the State Archives in S. Ivo alla Sapienza the conference – debate “Andrea Aguyar and General Thomas Alexandre Dumas, republican officers, heroes of freedom” with the subtile “Putting history back in its place: a bust in the Janiculum for Andrea Aguyar and a new effigy of General Dumas in Paris ”. A very large parterre of guests discusses the need to re-evaluate these two historical figures. Aguyar, a former Uruguayan slave, participated with Garibaldi in the defense of Montevideo and was then killed in 1849 in the battle for the defense of the Roman Republic. Thomas Alexandre Dumas, born a slave, became general in the army of the French Republic, and is the father of the great writer Alexandre Dumas. His statue in Paris was demolished by the Nazis and never restored.

Always Monday 14 June, at 19.00 at the Libreria Di Veroli dal! 900 in Via Guicciardini, 5, the multimedia event “Fellini 100: the dreamlike imaginary”, curated by Sefano Palamidessi on music by Nono Rota, production Fabrica Harmonica Freely inspired by the Book of Dreams, the dream diary in which Federico Fellini from the early 60s to 1990 pinned and illustrated his daydreams and his nocturnal nightmares with bizarre drawings, a colorful journey into the unconscious of a brilliant artist.

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