Friends, Michele Merlo has died: struck down at 28 by a fulminant leukemia

Friends, Michele Merlo has died: struck down at 28 by a fulminant leukemia
Friends, Michele Merlo has died: struck down at 28 by a fulminant leukemia

Michele Merlo He did not make it. The singer of the 16 edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi died, suffering from a cerebral hemorrhage caused by fulminant leukemia. Since the news of his illness spread on Saturday, there have been many messages of solidarity that have followed one another on social networks. Emma Marrone from the stage of the Verona Arena wanted to greet the young singer dedicating the concert to him but a few hours later Mike Bird’s heart, as he was known on television, stopped beating.

Michele’s conditions immediately appeared very serious. On the night between Wednesday and Thursday, the boy suffered a serious illness while he was at his partner’s house in Bologna. The call to 118 was immediate on his part, but when the doctors arrived on the spot they found the desperate conditions of the young man. When he arrived at the Maggiore hospital in Bologna he was operated on urgently but it was useless. Mike Bird’s hopes of survival immediately appeared low and it was the boy’s father himself who told a journalist on the Bassano del Grappa newscast.

But Michele’s many fans and friends did not give up and continued to hope and pray for him, just as his parents asked. “The doctors have told us that there is nothing more for him to do, that he could leave us at any moment“said the desperate parents yesterday evening. From the stage of the Verona Arena, while terrible news came from Bologna, Emma Marrone he was still trying to cling to hope and sent a message to Mike Bird: “Many people are in my heart but tonight there is a particular person in my heart and it is to him that I dedicate all this concert, all your warmth and all your energy: come on Miki“.

Despite the mood, Michele Merlo’s mother wanted to thank the singer, who was Mike Bird’s coach to Amici and has always tried to support him even after the end of the program. “I’m sure Miki heard you. Thank you“. In these hours, messages from fans, supporters of the program and friends, but also from those who in these hours have become fond of a very young artist in a terrible moment, follow on social networks. A lot of anger for what happened in the previous days. , when Mike Bird went to the hospital with severe headaches and sore throats without him having any more in-depth tests. And now many are asking that there be attributions of responsibility.

If they had visited him they would have seen that he had gods hematomas. We don’t have a medical report but a barcode bracelet that I have at home. And an audio that my son sent to the girlfriend: ‘I’m pissed off, they told me I stuffed the emergency room for two plaques in my throat. Instead he was tired“, said his father yesterday, before Mike Bird left. The lightness seems to have been many in the treatment of Michele Merlo:”I can’t tell if she told the doctor that she had nosebleeds – as she had – and dizziness in addition to the other symptoms. In Vergato they gave him gods antibiotics to take: when they sent him home he had a fever of 38.5-39. But not trusting him, the next day he called his family doctor in Bassano, who instead recommended another antibiotic. Without seeing it, though. Initial therapy was wrong regardless“.

Upon arrival at the Bologna hospital, Mike Bird was already unconscious: “The first aid, on the evening when my son ended up in the hospital, was conditioned by an unprofessional doctor who cannot do that type of surgery, he does not hold tension when he is under stress. I don’t want to point the finger at anyone. I’m interested in sure mistakes they should not be repeated, if they are mistakes. That those who have made a mistake today are not wrong tomorrow“.

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