The first corporate vaccine hub opens in Milan: it belongs to Unipol

Unipol’s first Milanese vaccination hub opens in via de Castilla, as part of the vaccination plan against the coronavirus that the Bolognese group has dedicated to its employees and to UniSalute’s client companies. In Lombardy, a second center is planned to open in Milan, in via dei Missaglia, and 20 vaccination points scattered throughout the region, with a potential audience of about 300 thousand people and a vaccination capacity, of the two hubs, of one thousand doses each. per day. “The vaccinations started this morning, they are aimed at our employees, our agents, all their family members and all the companies that rely on Unisalute, the company of our group that deals with health care “, explained the CEO of the Unipol group, Carlo Cimbri, who spoke at the inauguration together with the Councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Letizia Moratti.


corporate vaccine hub opens Milan belongs Unipol

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