Rome, instigated violence against Jews and non-EU citizens: 12 suspects – Chronicle

Rome, instigated violence against Jews and non-EU citizens: 12 suspects – Chronicle
Rome, instigated violence against Jews and non-EU citizens: 12 suspects – Chronicle

Rome, 7 June 2021 – The 12 subjects had just started planning an action against NATO, between 26 and 62 years, investigated by the Carabinieri del Ros and by the Rome Prosecutor’s Office, led by the prosecutor Michele Prestipino, as presumed belonging to a renamed organization ‘Arius Roman Order’.

12 precautionary measures have been ordered

Against them they took place this morning 12 precautionary measures of obligation of presentation to the Judicial Authority, carried out by the military in Rome, Cagliari, Cosenza, Frosinone, Latina, L’Aquila, Milan and Sassari together with a series of searches in several Italian cities.

The accusatory hypothesis is of association aimed at propaganda and toinstigation for reasons of ethnic and religious discrimination. The disputed episodes in fact concern the propaganda of Nazi and anti-Semitic ideas, but also videos and images from racist content and discriminatory, denial theses and the instigation to commit violent actions against Jews and non-EU citizens.

Also investigated “Miss Hitler”

Among the 12 suspects today there is also a woman, Francesca Rizzi, who in 2019 participated and won the competition “Miss Hitler”. According to the indictment, he had sought contacts with the Portuguese extremist group ‘New Social Order’. Of the suspects, four live in Rome, another two in Lazio, three in Sardinia, one in Calabria, one in Abruzzo and one in Lombardy.

From the investigations it emerged that the group also had relations via social media with Marco Gervasoni, the university professor under investigation in another investigation for threats to offenses against the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

The propaganda sui social network

The investigations started in 2009 and led to the discovery of the neo-Nazi group, of which the suspects were part, and which was very active on social network. Through two Facebook pages and a Vk community, one of the most used portals in Russiaracist contents and conspiracy theses were in fact spread.

Connected to the ‘Ario Romano Order’ there was then the called Whatsapp group ‘Judenfreie Liga (Oar)’, from which the suspects instigated to carry out violent actions. Also, still on the group, according to investigators they were planning to attack a facility of the Then with homemade bombs and also thanks to the collaboration of other similar groups operating in Portugal.

The reaction of the Jewish community

“Mine thanks to the Rome Prosecutor’s Office and to the Ros for this morning’s operation that led to the dismantling of an anti-Semitic group that wanted to target Jews and non-EU citizens – he commented Ruth Dureghello, president of the Jewish community capitoline -. This shows how anti-Semitism on social media is often organized in a scientific way, and is a prelude to more serious forms of violence ”.

“For some time now we have been inviting people to reflect on how one exists very precise strategy Nazi-fascist and denier groups to flood social media with racist and anti-Semitic content in order to create the climate for physical attacks – he concluded -. We must keep our attention high so that the web does not become a meeting point and a meeting place proselytizing of supremacist groups “.

Astorre (Pd): “Social are not a free zone”

Thanks to the Ros also from the senator Bruno Astorre, secretary of the Democratic Party of Lazio, who stated in a note: “We must continue to to monitor social networks. A virtual world that, without controls, risks fueling the climate of hatred that already circulates in our society. Social media are not a free zone “.

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