concerts, food and cocktails in nature

concerts, food and cocktails in nature
concerts, food and cocktails in nature

Roma – The Wood Natural Bar is a new space in Rome immersed in 2000 square meters of green area. The project of this concept space surrounded by greenery, it was born from the idea of ​​four young partners: Cristiano Trapani, Giordano Trapani, Leonardo Trapani and Giuseppe Longo. The new Roman area, which is located in via Galla Placidia (Portonaccio area), has been open since the end of May 2021.

«Thanks to the help of an agronomist we managed to to revive the forest through reclamation works and conservation ofhabitat natural », says Giuseppe Longo.

One performative space in the midst of acacias, elms and laurel plants, it will form a scenario in which sound will be the protagonist thanks to a musical review and ad events of green dj set with a maximum of two hundred people.

“The wood of the instruments will meet that of the surrounding wood – says Paolo Vivaldi, artistic director of the live music – We will try to interact with the public through introductions to listening to acoustic concerts belonging to different musical genres: just as Nature pursues various expressive forms, so the vibrations, registers and timbres created by the composer have no limits. This is our idea of eco-edu-tainment».

There will then be a cocktail bar led by Lorenzo Patitucci and Daniele Cecconi, who will propose a menu of drinks flavored with aromatic herbs grown inside the forest. There will be vegan, veggie and gluten free proposals and a menu à la carte. Are the four-legged friends are also welcome.


concerts food cocktails nature

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