Saman case, for Pm it was a premeditated murder

Saman case, for Pm it was a premeditated murder
Saman case, for Pm it was a premeditated murder


The still image spread by the carabinieri

The Reggio Emilia Prosecutor’s Office disputes the premeditation of the five suspects for the murder of Saman Abbas, the 18-year-old girl of Pakistani origin who disappeared after refusing to marry a compatriot in her homeland in arranged marriage. Prosecutor Isabella Chiesi confirmed this. Under investigation are the parents, two cousins ​​and an uncle.

As for the fact that the latter is considered the material perpetrator of the crime, Chiesi limited himself to saying: “Now it is difficult to know who the material perpetrator is, we don’t even know how”.

Today the carabinieri released three frames which – according to investigative hypotheses – would show some relatives of Saman as they headed to dig a pit, equipped with a shovel. In the images dated April 29, three men appear – the uncle and two cousins, including the young man arrested in Nimes, France, a few days ago.

According to reports from the police, in the next few days, also based on the weather conditions, the electromagnetometer could be used to search for the girl.

The picture of the disappearance of 18-year-old Saman Abbas in Reggiano leaves less and less room for the hope of finding her alive: after the images of the surveillance camera, it is from the details of some chats that new pieces arrive that reinforce the hypothesis of murder. A message is that of his uncle, the 33-year-old Danish Hasnain, who in a chat to a person very close to him, speaking of Saman, would have written: “We did a job well done”. The Gazzetta di Reggio Emilia reports it, which also gives an account of the details of another conversation. This is an audio of Saman herself reported by her boyfriend in the testimonies made in recent days to the carabinieri. The girl would have confided to him that she had heard her mother speak of the murder as the only “solution” for a woman who does not abide by Pakistani customs: “I heard it with my ears, I swear they were talking about me … “.


Saman case premeditated murder

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