Covid deniers still in front of the Chivasso Torteria. “Vaccines infiltrate membranes and control people”

Even after closing the Torture by Chivasso continues to attract Covid deniers e no-mask. About a hundred they met on Sunday morning in front of the restaurant on the occasion of a “seminar to continue to develop consciences”. The meeting took place in a couple of hours, where many topics were discussed: from the Nuremberg trial, to content of vaccines, from religion to the denominations “parent 1 and parent 2”. According to the people who gathered in front of the bar, the doses they are injecting into millions of citizens would be comparable to “Sewer serum” containing “Metals that creep into membranes to control citizens”. The participants then welcomed the owner of the restaurant, Rosanna Spatari, shouting “freedom”. “I don’t know how things will go but we will go all the way, if necessary we will grievance to the European Union. We must rebel, it is one dictatorshipSpatari said.

The meeting was followed at a distance by carabinieri and municipal police. Among the speakers, also the lawyer Mauro Sandri who anticipated that he will resort to Court of Cassation to request the reopening of the venue after the judges have already rejected an appeal filed against the provision. The authorities have, in fact, established that the public health protection it prevails over the individual entrepreneur’s right to work. The place, known for the “Disobedient aperitifs” in the red zone, it was closed precisely because of the violations, following a decree of the review court. After the rain of sanctions against the owner and customers, the Ivrea prosecutor had ordered the kidnapping.

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