“She was strangled.” And the shocking photo of the uncle and the cousins ​​with the shovels appears

“She was strangled.” And the shocking photo of the uncle and the cousins ​​with the shovels appears
“She was strangled.” And the shocking photo of the uncle and the cousins ​​with the shovels appears

Saman Abbas, the eighteen-year-old Pakistani woman who disappeared in Reggio after her family opposed an arranged marriage, was allegedly strangled by her uncle Danish Hasnain. This is what emerges from the shocking story of Saman’s brother, summarized in the minutes reported today by the Gazzetta di Reggio. «Everything happens under the eyes of the minor» the local newspaper reported. The father feels bad, but it was he who had entrusted Danish against his daughter who opposed the wedding. When Danish returns to the house he has nothing in his hand, from this the brother deduces that his sister was killed by strangulation.

The picture of the disappearance of the eighteen-year-old Pakistani woman in Reggio Emilia Saman Abbas leaves less and less room for the hope of finding her alive: after images of a surveillance camera, it is from the details of some chats that new pieces arrive that reinforce the hypothesis of murder. Three people dressed in dark clothes walking, far from each other, one holding a shovel, another a bucket with a bag and another a tool. This is what can be seen in the frame, released by the investigators, of the video shot around 19.30 on April 29 near Saman’s house.

According to investigators, the three men filmed are the uncle of the missing Pakistani girl and two cousins, who were going to dig the grave for the young woman, who disappeared the next day from Novellara, after opposing an arranged marriage. The three relatives and two parents, who have returned to Pakistan, are being investigated on charges of killing the 18-year-old. One of the cousins ​​was arrested in France in recent days and is expected to be handed over to the Italian authorities.

“It’s not in Belgium”

«The search for the remains of the injured person continues, who unfortunately we believe is dead. I would not give any positive feedback to what the father said, we have ascertained that in Belgium there is no girl ». Reggio Emilia prosecutor Isabella Chiesi said this, speaking of Saman. The young woman’s father, from Pakistan, told a reporter that Saman is alive, that he is in Belgium, and that he had heard from her.

The wiretapping

A message is that of his uncle, the 33-year-old Danish Hasnain, who in a chat to a person very close to him, speaking of Saman, would have written: “We did a job well done.” The uncle who talks about “a job well done”. Saman, who hears talk of murder at home, considered the only “solution” for women who do not abide by the Pakistani rules of life, and who has a chilling presentiment: “They are talking about me.”

The audio to the boyfriend – The Gazzetta di Reggio Emilia which also gives an account of the detail of another conversation. This is an audio of Saman herself reported by her boyfriend in the testimonies made in recent days to the carabinieri. The girl would have confided to him that she had heard her mother speak of murder as the only “solution” for a woman who does not follow Pakistani customs: “I heard it with my own ears, I swear they were talking about me … “.

Saman would also have confronted the mother directly asking for explanations but the woman would have denied. It is April 30 and Saman, according to what was leaked from her boyfriend’s statements, is shocked and afraid. That is not an ordinary date because according to investigative hypotheses Saman was killed on the evening of April 30th. Saman’s parents, uncle Danish and two cousins ​​are being investigated by the Reggio Emilia prosecutor for murder.

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