The first “smart square” in Rome was born in Pietralata

In the green area in via Cave di Pietralata, free wi-fi and smart benches powered by solar energy, equipped with wireless charging, USB, radio and speakers

The first “smart square” of the city was born in Rome in the Pietralata district. Yesterday the inauguration ingreen area in via Cave di Pietralata. The project provides access to free Wi-Fi for square patrons, the ability to recharge their smartphone – through three exercise machines that convert the energy produced by physical activity into electrical energy -; to find out about weather, culture and current events through an interactive multimedia totem, which, when fully operational, will also provide first aid and video surveillance services.

In addition, the square was equipped with three smart benches powered by solar energy and equipped with accessories (wireless charging, USB, radio, speakers). Residents will be able to download the “Planet app”, to access the initiatives organized by the Community manager, who will have the role of facilitating good coexistence in the neighborhood, offering tools to organize activities and share common spaces.

The “Piazze smart” project is the result of the collaboration between the Capitoline administration and the grouping of companies consisting of Imecon, Planet Idea, the competence center of Planet Smart City and 3PItalia, companies specialized respectively in the design and production of technological solutions. in the development of projects to integrate innovation in the urban environment and in the development of public-private partnership projects.

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