Elections Milan 2021, Tajani (FI) promises: candidate for mayor on 8 June

Elections Milan 2021, Tajani (FI) promises: candidate for mayor on 8 June
Elections Milan 2021, Tajani (FI) promises: candidate for mayor on 8 June

07 June 2021 10:33

June 8 should be the day of the decision on the candidates for mayor of the center-right in the big cities, in view of the elections to be held in the autumn. The national coordinator of Forza Italia Antonio Tajani said this on Monday morning. “Tomorrow – he said in a live press conference on Facebook – there will be a meeting of the leaders of the center-right” to “arrive at a conclusion in the choice of mayoral candidates in the big cities”.

With regard to the four most important cities, the center-right has already chosen the candidates of Turin (the entrepreneur Paolo Damilano) and Naples (the magistrate Catello Maresca), while the names for Rome and Milan are still missing. In the capital, the former head of civil protection Guido Bertolaso ​​was courted for a long time, but he always refused the proposal. Under the Madonna, things have so far been much more complicated.

In fact, there is the great refusal of the oncologist Paolo Veronesi (“flattered, but I come from a left-wing family and, in any case, I want to continue my work”) as well as the rector of the Polytechnic University Ferruccio Resta; more recently, by the former mayor Gabriele Albertini, a real soap opera of No-Sì-No. For months the coalition has been struggling to indicate the main challenger of the outgoing mayor Beppe Sala, who is re-nominating for the center-left. Already on May 24 Forza Italia, Lega and Fratelli d’Italia should have made a choice.

The latest name in the field is Oscar di Montigny, 50-year-old top manager of Mediolanum and husband of Sara Doris, the daughter of the bank’s founder. Only a week ago the pharmacist Annarosa Racca, president of Federfarma Lombardia seemed super favored: but the recent judicial troubles in Turin have made her “precipitate”. Previously, Albertini refusing the candidacy had indicated as a suggestion the name of the former Forza Italia parliamentarian, and now manager, Fabio Minoli Rota.


Elections Milan Tajani promises candidate mayor June

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