Trial year for new hires 2021, no final report is presented

Training and test year as 2020/21, no report should be submitted: during the final interview, the teacher illustrates what is contained in the professional portfolio.

Trial and training year

The 2020/21 school year is now coming to an end and newly hired teachers or teachers with role change, committed to carrying out the training and test year, will have to take the final interview before the committee for the evaluation of teachers, in order to obtain confirmation in role.

Pursuant to Ministerial Decree 850/2015, having carried out all the training activities provided, to access the final interview it is necessary to have completed 180 days of service, of which at least 120 of effective didactic activity.

This is a summary of the training course, quantified in 50 hours of commitment, and the related activities:

  • initial and final return meetings (6 h)
  • training workshops (12 h)
  • peer to peer activity (12 h)
  • online training on the Indire platform (20)

Final interview

The interview to be held before the evaluation committee takes place in the period between the end of the teaching activities – including the qualification and state exams – and the end of the school year.

The interview starts with the presentation of the teaching and training activities and the related documentation contained in the professional portfolio and, given the persisting emergency situation, it can also take place remotely, as required by some ATPs.

If the newly hired teacher or with a change of role:

  • is absent from the interview without any reason deriving from unavoidable impediments, the Committee in any case proceeds to express its opinion on whether or not to pass the probationary period;
  • ask for the postponement of the interview due to unavoidable impediments, this is allowed only once.

Final relation?

Although the “new” year of testing and training has been in effect since the school year. 2015/16, there are some school managers who still ask the teachers concerned for a final report to be presented to the Evaluation Committee and exhibited during the final interview.

We point out that Ministerial Decree 850/2015 does not provide for the presentation of any report by teachers during the training and test year, as can be seen from the reading of articles 13 and 14 dedicated to the final evaluation. To this we add that the annual ministerial indications on the matter make explicit what was said above, as in the last note published on the matter [nota n. 28730/2020 – paragrafo 2, lettera d)]:

[…] The meaning of the on-line activity is confirmed not as an activity in itself and an end in itself (which corresponds to a flat rate of 20 hours of commitment), but as strictly connected with the parties in presence, to allow documenting the path, of reflect on the skills acquired and give a coherent “sense” to the overall path. Finally, it is confirmed that the presentation of the portfolio in front of the Evaluation Committee replaces the preparation of any other report.

Here all the info related to the final evaluation: from the presentation of the portfolio to the interview, from the opinion of the committee to the decree of the Executive

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