via Ferrante Aporti is under siege

via Ferrante Aporti is under siege
via Ferrante Aporti is under siege

A boy falls to the ground, is hit on the head and terrified shouts “help”. Two others chase each other with shards in hand screaming like crazy. A woman, being yanked by some men, screams furiously: “It’s not over here.” Other silhouettes stealthily exchange something and it looks just like a drug trade. Not far away is a man sitting on the sidewalk smoking with foil. These are the nights of terror, drugs and assaults in via Ferrante Aporti, a few steps from the Central Station, immortalized in the videos that the residents of the newly formed “Piazza Safra and neighboring areas” committee filmed from the windows of their homes. The worst has happened since last October in front of the Shoah Memorial that overlooks Piazza Safra: North African drug dealers meet customers in a continuous coming and going that starts from late afternoon until dawn despite the curfew. Furious quarrels break out in the middle of the street between drug addicts and foreigners who confront each other armed with broken bottles. The most violent are scarred in fights of now ordinary madness.

RESIDENT SOS. “We are afraid, so we cannot go on, from last December 26th to today we have called the police over 70 times. She always intervened promptly, but the calm lasts only a few hours », says Roberto, of the residents’ committee which collects the requests of over 200 subjects, including families and shopkeepers. He prefers that his last name not be given, because he has already been threatened by drug dealers. One evening, he tells Leggo, he “thwarted an attack by shouting from the balcony to leave a boy kicked in the head alone and thus attracting the attention of all the condominiums.” The thugs in response threw stones at him. Since then, everyone has feared retaliation. “We have to barricade ourselves in the house as soon as darkness falls and even when the curfew disappears we will not be able to go out freely to walk or walk the dog or even go home safely after a dinner with friends”. The neighborhood has lived in terror since it is no longer a war between groups of pusher and even unsuspecting citizens are involved in the violent episodes. The inhabitants speak of “an escalation of attacks for the purpose of theft, reported to the police, which took place on the street, even during the day”. «A young man – Roberto remembers – broke his nose to steal from his car. A woman, with a baby girl in her arms, was yanked while she was walking to steal her mobile phone ».

POLEMICS. “All the reports sent to the mayor, council and policemen to put a stop to degradation and crime in our street have not been of any use”, complain from the district. in piazza Safra, but it is not enough ».

REQUESTS. “We will bring the matter to the security table in the Prefecture,” announced Fabiola Minoletti, vice president of the Milanese Committees Coordination. And the Piazza Safra committee asks for “a fixed military truck in front of the Memorial as a deterrent and as a form of protection for citizens”.

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Ferrante Aporti siege

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