in June 2021 Brera, Bovisa and Porta Venezia

in June 2021 Brera, Bovisa and Porta Venezia
in June 2021 Brera, Bovisa and Porta Venezia

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07 June 2021 09:19

The campaign for the promotion of the districts of Milan called “neighborhood by neighborhood” continues with three new city areas protagonists of the month of June: Brera, Bovisa and Porta Venezia. We go to the center, therefore; in May the main districts were Baggio, Isola and Chiaravalle.

In Brera, the Milanese art district par excellence, visits to the Appiani building will be organized, by Fai, while the exhibitions of the ateliers in the Casa degli Artisti continue and will be enhanced. La Bovisa will host the international exhibition “Poli Urban Colors” for ten days: famous writers will color the walls of the campus in via Schiaffino, with the inauguration scheduled for 11 June. And the “A name in every neighborhood” project gets underway: each area of ​​Milan will have a mural painting bearing the same name.

Porta Venezia could not fail to be chosen in the month of Pride, since it welcomes everyone with the rainbow flag at the metro stop. An extraordinary screening of the documentary “Porta (le) Venezia” is scheduled for 24 June, which tells (through the voice of its inhabitants) the affirmation of a neighborhood of experimentation and mixing.

Each of the neighborhoods will have its own soundtrack with playlists designed and dedicated to them. The Brera soundtrack was curated by Atelier Musicale di Casa degli Artisti and its sounds tell not only the places but also the people who have made Brera a meeting place for artists and intellectuals from around the world; it will be some of these artists together with the protagonists of Atelier Musicale to tell us about the neighborhood on a special day at Casa degli Artisti. Bovisa instead sees the collaboration with the independent record label Artetetra specializing in exotic, ethnic and tropical sounds, sounds that will accompany the neighborhood towards the summer. And finally Porta Venezia, faithful to its vocation of inclusion, has as curator of the project Nava, an Iranian singer who has decided to put her roots in the neighborhood.


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