Sister Maria Laura Mainetti proclaimed blessed: she was killed by three girls “in the name of Satan”

Sister Maria Laura Mainetti proclaimed blessed: she was killed by three girls “in the name of Satan”
Sister Maria Laura Mainetti proclaimed blessed: she was killed by three girls “in the name of Satan”

Exactly 21 years ago, on June 6, 2000, she was killed with stone and 19 stab wounds by three girls minors in a ritual Satanic. Today Sister Maria Laura Mainetti was beatified, in the name of Pope francesco, by the cardinal Marcello Semeraro, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. The celebration took place in the municipal stadium of Chiavenna, in the province of Sondrio, where the nun was killed. There Santa Headquarters recognized that that of Sister Maria Laura, died at the age of 61, was martyrdom In hatred of faith. The three girls, in fact, had planned to sacrifice one to the devil consecrated person. And so they lured the nun with a deception, in the evening, to a little frequented place in the city.

One of them telephoned Sister’s convent Maria Laura telling her she stayed pregnant after being abused, she wanted to have an abortion and needed help. There religious, which he devoted his entire life to Young people, immediately went to the meeting place where she was killed. As he died he had the strength to forgive hers murder. Today all three have been free for some time after having served about half of the sentences they have been to condemned. To the investigators the three girls said they had committed the murder in the name of Satan and, much later, one of them reported that the crime it was decided out of boredom over a beer in the village bar. Bergoglio stressed that “she who loved young people more than anything, and loved and forgiven those same girls who are prisoners of evil, leaves us her program of life: to do every little thing with wedding ring, love and enthusiasm”.

Sister’s story Maria Laura, to the century Teresina Elsa, it’s very simple. She was born in Colico, in the province of Lecco, August 20, 1939. Orphaned of mother, her father’s second wife took care of her. In 1950 began a period of aspirantate among the Daughters of the Cross and, in 1957, entered the postulancy in Rome. Concluded on novitiate, on August 15, 1959, made his temporary profession and, on August 25, 1964, that life. She was a teacher, educator of many young people and students and a spiritual point of reference for many people.

The cardinal Semeraro he recalled the commitment of Sister Maria Laura: “Children and young people, the sick and the elderly, adults and people in difficulty: she was always there, smiling e Discrete. He teaches, educates, catechizes, visits; it is next to especially the Young people who live difficult times and which she considered among the most poor because they can be easily influenced because they are disoriented, uprooted, fragile, plagiarized. She believed in Young people until he gave his life for them. Hers was a real one pedagogy effective because he never missed an opportunity to get to know the world of young people, their language, their culture. Among the many testimonies of the same Young people, in this regard, here’s one: ‘In a terrible time when I didn’t have family, she was the only person who has me amato, looked after. He spent the nights beside my bed while I was crying desperate, she never abandoned me, she believed in me ‘. Sister Maria Laura it is true model of incarnate truth and, with the beatification, is someone to turn to, with confidence e confidence”.

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