That small part of Italy that remains in the red zone even in June: the municipalities in lockdown

That small part of Italy that remains in the red zone even in June: the municipalities in lockdown
That small part of Italy that remains in the red zone even in June: the municipalities in lockdown

By now Italy is white and yellow, and within two to three weeks at the latest it should all enter the range with fewer restrictions. From Monday 7 June, Abruzzo, Liguria, Umbria and Veneto will also pass into the white zone, the one with the fewest anti Covid restrictions. The rest of Italy remains in yellow. The four regions are added to three others that entered the white zone on May 31: Sardinia, Molise and Friuli.

Municipalities in the red zone in June 2021

But there is also a small part of Italy that remains in the red zone. In fact, the red areas can still be decided locally by the mayors and health authorities in the event of peaks in infections. It happens in some regions of the South.

The red zone municipalities remain “closed” with a ban on moving in and out, closing schools (lessons in Dad), restrictions on travel and all commercial activities (only take-away guaranteed) and often long curfews (from 10pm to 5). They are distributed in 3 Southern Regions (Sicily, Campania, Sardinia). In Sicily Santo Stefano di Quisquina, a town of 4,400 inhabitants in the province of Agrigento, is in “lockdown”: the Region has proclaimed the red zone from 2 to 10 June, due to the positivity of 35 young people to Covid. Still the red zone until 10 June for Geraci Siculo (1,800 inhabitants) and Prizzi in the Palermo area. Restrictive measures also in Scordia (Catania) until the same date: this is the largest of the municipalities affected by lockdown measures with its 17 thousand inhabitants.

The latest is Aritzo

In Basilicata there were two municipalities in the red zone: Acerenza (2,400 inhabitants) and Montemilone (1,500 inhabitants), both in the province of Potenza. The restrictions ended on Sunday 6 June. In Campania in the Salerno area, after a surge in infections, Laurino is in the red zone until 11 June (1,500 inhabitants). The decision was made due to the sudden increase in the number of positives and people placed in fiduciary isolation. Since yesterday in Sardinia, the Municipality of Aritzo (1,300 inhabitants) has been forced to arm itself in a “reinforced” red band due to a surge in infections. The extraordinary commissioner acting as mayor, Antonio Monni, has signed an ad hoc ordinance, which orders the closure – at least until June 15 – of bars, restaurants, markets, parks, schools and the cemetery. The Municipality will be open only for services considered essential, just as only grocery stores, newsstands and pharmacies will be open. Furthermore, citizens are advised, in addition to the use of a mask, to stay at home also to “adopt all those responsible behaviors in compliance with the restrictions and to collaborate with the institutions avoiding any gathering opportunity”.

The curfew at midnight from Monday throughout Italy and the rules in the white zone regions

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